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Is it possible to read messages without being connected to the Internet? Find it here!

a The WhatsApp Displays user status whenever they enter the app, letting everyone know that person ‘OnlineEven if the contact is not saved in the phonebook, it can tell when someone is available because the information is displayed just below the user’s name or number.

There is still no post for Disable status display. Blocked contacts are only blocked from being seen when someone is online, but most who are looking for this kind of feature want to prevent the information from being shown to everyone.

Although there is no official way to do this, there are three alternative ways to prevent anyone from knowing when a user is around. Active in the app. See what they are:

Enable notifications

The first tip is to activate smartphone notifications to be notified when a message is received on WhatsApp. So you can view content and even reply without having to open the app and connect to the Internet. The only downside is that only part of the message is shown in the notification.

Activate Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a function in mobile phones that disconnects from الاتصال Internet. When you want to get into the app undetected, just turn on Airplane mode, read the message and reply to it. Then just exit WhatsApp and turn off the feature to reactivate the connection. There, the “internet” was avoided.

Download apps and extensions

The third method is to install applications and browser extensions that offer unofficial functions such as hiding “internet” and even “writing”. This is the least recommended option, as using unauthorized versions and features can jeopardize user security and may lead to permanent account ban.

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