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C6 Bank ligações oferecendo consignado

Is it possible not to receive calls offering payroll?

Recently, some clients C6 . Bank complained about the occurrence loans Contracted shipments without a license. The service in question is the C6 Consignado service, which is controlled by C6 Bank.

According to reports, retirees would receive calls offering the service, but they would have turned it down. However, the amount ends up being credited to the account, even without a contract or authorization. But what many people don’t know is that there is a way to not receive this type of call. So, to find out more, check below.

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First, it should be noted that the letter C6 bank It stated, in a note, that it closed 100,000 contracts in September and that “a very small percentage of this total” had registered complaints. The bank also said it does not do “salary direct selling” and ignores the bank reporter, who is the partner in the show, in any case of non-compliance.

However, complaints from C6 Bank still occur. To solve the problem, the platform was created do not bother me, still in 2019. Using it, it is possible to block calls from telemarketers and also from some financial institutions, including C6 Payroll. Thus, you can request to block receiving calls related to these services.

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Finally, you have to register through the website and tell the phone number you want to block. It is important to stress that the C6 Bank ban does not apply to calls made to the consumer to confirm data, prevent fraud, and collect, among other services. To find out more and request a ban, Accessing the page!

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