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Is it Botafogo?  SAF do Vasco director avoids naming names but sees ‘faulty process’ in Brazil’s ‘high-performance clubs’

Is it Botafogo? SAF do Vasco director avoids naming names but sees ‘faulty process’ in Brazil’s ‘high-performance clubs’

Under pressure by being in the drop zone in Brazilian championshipWith just six points from eight games, the Basque He called a press conference on Tuesday. SAF executive director Paulo Brax acknowledged errors in assembling the squad, targeting the next window and giving other clubs a slight boost to the appreciation of Cruzmaltino’s youth use.

Poking, even without naming, can be applied to a file Botafogothe leader of Brazil, which has no player from a base As an absolute owner. The closest is Luis Henrique, who rotates with Victor Sa on the left wing.

– Vasco has always valued the base, fans are asking key players to come back. This is symbolic. From hour to hour I see criticism of the use of foundation. The base will continue to be used in Vasco, as they are players in the process of training their performance. You will get our full support here. We do things differently than other clubs do, I won’t name names either, but clubs that perform at a high level don’t have any regular players in the starting line-up, and we understand that process is wrong. These players are maturing in the midst of competition, which is tough and tough. And we will continue to support, because there are talented players here, and they are the future of the club,” said Paulo Brax.

Another comparison made by the director was about the project’s working time.

– I will not name any club in Brazil, I came here to talk about Vasco, I would like to talk about Vasco. There are only clubs that took four, five, six or seven years for the project to reach expectations – he said.

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