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Is it Benedict? At Globo, yes, with a remake and a new documentary – Prisma

On November 12th it was confirmed here that “after the Pantanal, rural telenovelas are a commitment at Globo”. The new version of Benedetto Rui Barbosa’s now-defunct Manchete song, adapted by his grandson Bruno Luberi, put the station’s drama back on track, both in audience and in media repercussions.

Thus, new bets can be made on Con Benedetto. He was also informed that “Renascer”, which was first produced in 1993, has a great chance to be the next producer. And it will be. Hammer struck, according to a note published yesterday in O Globo by columnist Patrícia Kofgut.

Luperi has already started the adaptation process and its premiere is scheduled for 2024.

Still on Benedito, Globoplay will present an unprecedented documentary about his career, directed by Rogério Gomes, better known as Papinha, and Davi Lacerda. This work has already been done, just need to specify the contractual details.


If someone doesn’t know, “Could it be Benedito?” is an expression attributed to Getúlio Vargas, the President, when he was about to nominate Benedito Valadares for the post of Governor of Minas Gerais. This was the question people were asking.

The selections, if someone doesn’t know that either, always feature treatment and illustration of the most colorful topics.


Ricky Tavares returned to Record for the following seasons of “Reis.”

Absalaw, his character, is one of the sons of Davy (Cirillo Luna) and Maca (Jacqueline Oliveira). It is worth noting that Ricky had a great clip in “Genesis”, in the role of Haran, and soon after joined the cast of “Alem da Ilusion”, on Globo, and “Maldivas”, on Netflix.

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they change

Pablo Moraes, who, like Ricky Tavares, also worked on “Genesis” and “Beyond Illusion”, was set to play Absalom in “Reis”.

However, he had to drop the character due to family reasons.


In SBT, there are very high expectations about the results that the Champions League will deliver.

On the 14th, with the return of broadcasts, PSG and Bayern, it is expected that the entire commercial package will already be sold out. People will have to put the bag under their arm.

closed package

Yesterday, Thursday, as planned, the Série B transmission proposals were delivered.

But nothing has been decided yet.

just look

The information that the column contains, based on the most reliable sources, is that it has not yet been possible to come up with a definition.

This dispute, over broadcasting rights for Série B, is going to go into a ‘second round’, perhaps even, with a new bidding and analysis process.


The second division of the Brazilian championship is always a competition that offers huge attractions, when it comes to different regions of the country.

This year, however, neither the representatives of Rio de Janeiro nor any of the bigwigs from Sao Paulo will participate.


Globo dictated a frantic pace preparing the cast for the 9 p.m. telenovela, written by Walcyr Carrasco.

And according to representatives from the cast, there is a possibility that some scenes may already be taped next week.

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and others

Sectors Globo itself already recognizes the cancellation of the title “Terra Vermelha”. will not prevail at all.

Another option, already chosen, will be announced once the registration process is complete.

the press

Denise O’Dorisy is Record’s new Israel correspondent.

In fact, it’s a return to her old home, where she’s worked as a reporter, anchor, and editor for international news. Premiere next week.

in tune

Giselle Tigre, who has worked a lot on television, is preparing to return to the stage with the program “Giselle sings Ednardo”.

Each musical film has focused on paying homage to the composer from Ciara. There are also advanced negotiations for a documentary about his life.


PlayPlus, Record’s streaming service, will premiere on Sunday, the 22nd, the exclusive documentary “Felipe Melo – Ousado”. The platform’s original production delves into the personal and professional life of the athlete, currently in Fluminense. He moves from the past to the future, revealing the player’s dreams: “I’m still going to coach Manchester United,” he says.

The viewer will follow, for 56 minutes, from his first steps with the ball at his feet, starting with Flamengo, until he became a world-famous athlete. Pitbull’s fame, the desire to “make a difference” in his generation, and the personal achievement of representing Brazil wearing a “hopscotch” are addressed.

knock knock

• Rogero Ceni is the guest on “Bola da Vez”, this Saturday, 22:30, on ESPN. Presentation by Andre Plehal.

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• Milene O’Hara Bavoro, from SBT’s “Programa do Ratinho”, will debut as the muse for a new fund in Anhembi, Espaço Milênio, during the Carnival…

• … which will also host concerts by Lexa, Xande de Pilares, Tiee and Os Barões da Pisadinha.

• Erlan Bastos presented “Programa da Tarde” on Meio Norte TV. Daily at 3 p.m. the press mixes with entertainment.

• “Altas Horace” by Sergenio Groisman, this Saturday, on Globo, will honor Cassia Eller …

• … Presence of Ana Carolina, Carlinhos Brown, Nando Reis, Otto, Zelia Duncan and Chico Chico, Son of Cassia…

• … Margaret Menezes, Minister of Culture, but when she had not yet assumed office. The program has been recorded before.

• This week, on Band, the program “Canal Livre” interviewed the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez …

• … among other topics, the Brazilian-Argentine partnership, the future of Mercosur, the achievements of your government so far, the problems, mainly economic, that he has faced during the three years he has been in office …

• … Presented by Sergio Gabriel with the participation of Fernando Miter, Eduardo Uwenge and Andre Basbaum …

• … The program was recorded at Quinta de Olivos, the official residence of the President of Argentina.