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Is a MEI registered businessman entitled to unemployment insurance? | Rede Jornal Contábil

In today’s article we are going to clarify if a citizen who registered his company as MEI might have The right to unemployment insurance.

Keep following this reading with us and stay on top of the topic.

Meaning of MEI

Firstly, MEI stands for ‘Individual Individual Entrepreneur’. It allows a freelance professional who carries out his activities on his own to formalize his business, free and fast.

What are the criteria for being an individual small business owner?

1. It is necessary for the total income to reach 81 thousand riyals per year.

2. You only have one registered employee.

3. You may not participate in any other company regardless of whether you are a partner or an owner.

Who is entitled to unemployment insurance?

This feature aims to protect an employee who has been fired from the company without cause for a certain period.

For MEI to be able to take advantage of this insurance, it is necessary to prove that your company is disconnected.

If he succeeds and is able to prove it, then he is entitled to the benefits, yes.

But for this, it is also necessary to prove that he does not have the bills for his strength.

So, who can receive?

  • Separation of households without just cause; Indirect separation
  • Suspended employees;
  • Professional fishing during closed season.
Photo: Marcelo Camargo

Where can MEI be ordered?

It is necessary to submit the application through the Regional Labor and Employment Supervision Authority, and it can also be requested through the National Employment System, or also through the Gov.br portal.

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How is this statement made?

This is evidenced by the MEI Simplified Income Statement.

What documents are required for a MEI application?

1. A document proving the absence of invoices.

2. Business card.

3. RG / CPF;

4. Register with PIS / PASEP.

5. Extract from FGTS deposits.

6. Request unemployment insurance.

7. The term of termination of the employment contract.

8. The last two payroll checks or payment receipts


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Anna Luzia Rodriguez