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a iOS 16And the Released last week (12), the first bug has already been confirmed: a bug that constantly asks for permission to paste texts from one application to another. The issue was confirmed on Monday (19) by An apple, in response to an email sent by a reader of the MacRumors website. According to the portal, the user had contacted Tim Cook and Craig Federighi – CEO and Vice President of the company, respectively – complaining about the new behavior found on their site. Iphone After the update.

Bug in iOS 16 asks for permission every time some text is pasted from one app to another – Image: Reproduction / Thássius Veloso

This was confirmed by Senior Manager Ron Huang, who responded to the email exchange saying “This behavior is unexpected” in the new iOS. According to Huang, the bug will be investigated by Apple – indicating that it probably should already be fixed in the iOS 16.1 update. The update will still add some other features to the system – How to enlarge the battery percentage icon for other iPhonesfor example – but, for now, it doesn’t have a scheduled release date.

With the error, after copying some text and/or media on the iPhone, when trying to paste the content into another application – for example, from Twitter to The WhatsApp – Permission will be requested. The problem here is that, as reported, the request is made every time, regardless of whether or not the user has previously allowed it.

The bug seems to affect more users in the US than in Brazil, as most of the reports are in English. There, there are still those who believe that it is a new feature of the operating system. Here, the main complaints of the new iOS have to do with touch, which will be in trouble, and the iPhone battery which would have reduced its capacity after the update. However, Apple has not confirmed whether iOS 16 may cause touchscreen errors and/or reduce battery life.

What do users say about iOS 16 errors?

with information from Mac rumors And the 9to5Mac

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