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iOS: 5 Changes That Made a Big Difference to iPhone Over the Past Decade |  apps

iOS: 5 Changes That Made a Big Difference to iPhone Over the Past Decade | apps

a iOS It was released in 2010 and since then it has received several updates that have changed the way the system works drastically. Iphone. From launch until now, the An apple It announced and made available a series of features that revolutionized the device and changed the way the user interacted with the cell phone. Features like Notification Center, for example, simplify information queries and centralize all alerts in one place. Also, advanced privacy features like a Privacy ReportMake cell phone use safer.

At the same time, more detailed functions such as Live Text have been able to modify the user’s relationship to the environment by allowing, from images, to translate texts in real time or search the web. In the list below, the take you I brought together five changes that broke models on iPhone (iOS) and made a difference on mobile.

iPhone: A list of five iOS changes that revolutionized the device; Check it out – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

1. Notification bar

The iPhone (iOS) notification bar was a novelty released by Apple in iOS 5 Changed the way users interact with mobile alerts. Prior to the implementation of this feature and the existence of Notification Center, warnings could be seen as small red dots above the app icon, causing notifications to be missed a lot.

As a result, the Notification Center has aggregated all notifications in one place, facilitating subsequent consultations and regulating how this content is presented to the user.

Explore different alert formats – Photo: clone / Clara Fabro

Gadgets on iPhone were released recently, and were only available on the iPhone home screen after the iPhone update. iOS 14 – Despite being old acquaintances of users Android. Interactive icons collect some basic information from applications and can make it easier to display certain content by modifying the way users interact with applications.

as such iOS 16Apple has even introduced a new setting for shortcuts, allowing them to be added to the iPhone lock screen. This way, it’s not even necessary to unlock the phone to check certain information – like the phone’s battery percentage or the last notification received on Facebook, for example.

Adding a widget to the iPhone home screen (iOS) – Image: Playback / Clara Fabro

3. Privacy Report and Anti-tracking Policy

Bringing iOS 14 in 2021 Application tracking transparency (“Transparency on Tracking in Apps”, in free translation), which is part of Apple’s Anti-tracking Policy. despite Criticized by MetaNovelty was significant because it expanded the autonomy and privacy of iPhone users. This is because, with this feature, apps downloaded on the cell phone started asking for permission to track activity for the purpose of targeted advertising. Therefore, if the user chooses not to track their actions, the apps will not be able to access them.

Already iOS 15launched in 2021, included the iPhone Privacy Report. With it, users have been able to see which apps have access to the cell phone’s camera and microphone, and they can also revoke any unwanted permissions. Grandma has also generated more independence and privacy, and it is One of the functions that makes iPhone a safe choice for smartphones.

Privacy Report released in 2021 with iOS 15 – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

The function that displays the battery percentage on the iPhone allows a quick consultation of the charging status, without the need to access the device control center or add widgets to the home screen. This change was already present on older models, but it was removed from the iPhone with the launch of iPhone X For space issues that include a notch – a feature that has a TrueDepth camera capable of facial recognition on models with Face ID.

The change infuriated users, thus, With iOS 16Charging status display tool has been resumed. Users can now add the call sign on all Face ID compatible models. To activate it, go to the phone settings, click on the “Battery” tab, and in the next step activate the switch next to “Battery level”.

Add battery percentage can be enabled on iPhone running iOS 16 – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

a live text It is another tool that has revolutionized the iPhone. The feature, released in iOS 15, allows users to copy text from images and perform web searches or translations in real time. The function can be useful when traveling, for example to Translate signs and road maps. In addition, it is also possible to use it to copy extracts from documents, phone contacts, and even to convert values ​​into different currencies.

To use it, open your phone’s camera and point the lens at the content containing the text. Then tap on the text icon, which will appear in the lower left corner of the screen, and select one of the options that will appear on the screen to complete the action. Possible actions are “Copy”, “Select all”, “Search”, “Translate” or “Share” content.

Using Live Text on iPhone (iOS) – Photo: Cloning / Marvin Costa

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