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iOS 15: Apple replaces passwords with biometrics on iPhone |  Operating systems

iOS 15: Apple replaces passwords with biometrics on iPhone | Operating systems

a an Apple revealed in WWDC 2021 new passkey authentication feature. Technology allows users to log in to ApplicationsThe sites and services you use Face IDAnd the Connection ID or a security key is turned on Iphone, eliminating the need to enter passwords. According to the company, “Passkeys in iCloud Keychain” is a faster and more secure form of authentication. Access keys will have End-to-end encryption It will be synced to devices by iCloud. The feature is still in the initial testing stages by developers, but its preview will be released in iOS 15.

The new authentication functionality developed by Apple will work using a technology called WebAuthn, a public security key standard that allows logins with biometric authentication. The idea is that public and private access keys based on the WebAuthn protocol are synchronized on devices with iOSAnd the iPad e macOS through iCloud. Therefore, the feature will only be available for Apple devices.

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To sign into a website or app using the feature, you’ll need to create a username for the new account and use Face ID or Touch ID to confirm identity. The person will not have to choose a password because the device itself, through iCloud sync, will generate and store the access key that grants access to the platform.

Instead of logging passwords, users will be able to create a passkey using Face ID or Touch ID – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

Replacing the use of passwords with access keys provides more security, as common passwords can constantly fail. At the last developer conference for Google I / OGoogle Vice President for Platforms, Jane Fitzpatrick, stated that the most common security vulnerabilities still come from bad passwords.

One of those flaws is attack phishingIt is a frequent way for cybercriminals to spread viruses on devices. Alternate access keys prevent this type of attack where the resource is associated with a specific application or website. Therefore, a login cannot be spoofed.

According to Apple, Passkeys is the most secure authentication method – Image: Disclosure / Apple

At Apple’s annual WWDC Developers Conference, Garrett Davidson, the company’s experienced authentication engineer, emphasized the security of the procedure: “Because it’s just a tap to enter, it’s simultaneously easier, faster, and more secure than almost all forms of authentication popular today.”

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