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Introducing XBOX Series S + XBOX Wireless Headphone رأس

Introducing XBOX Series S + XBOX Wireless Headphone رأس


Want to compete for one (1) XBOX S series. and one (01) Xbox Wireless Headset? So don’t waste time, #Streamers TH3DEEJAY and MENDESJF86 will drop this super bundle back in the day 10/12/21 as such 21 hours He lives.

The following steps are required to enter the XBOX SERIES S + XBOX Wireless Headset fee.

– YOU MUST VISIT YOUTUBE THROUGH THE FIRST STEP Glim, it will take you to a YouTube video, from which you will need to access the channels on it TH3DEEJAY e do Mendisjf 86 What if registration.

In order to validate your registration to participate in the raffle, you must be a mandatory subscriber to both channels. If not, the winner will be disqualified and a new drawing will be made until the winner meets the mandatory requirements.

Check your channel subscription periodically because youtube was randomly removing subscriptions.

Join the drawing by clicking the link below


*Only will be eligible to win the raffle, People who have publicly subscribed to MENDES and the TH3DEEJAY channel *

In addition to YouTube, you can also subscribe to other channels to increase your chances of competition. Registration starts today and continues until… 9 p.m. (Brazilian time) an act On 10/12/21.

The winner or winner will be announced on Live Live on October 12 and they will have 72 hours to express themselves to receive the prize. Otherwise, the lottery will be redrawn between the participants.

In addition, the lottery Battlefield 2042And enjoy sharing.

Remember that you can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass climax Just 5 Brazilian Real. click here And fell! * Valid only for new subscribers.

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NS Xbox Game Pass climax It is the subscription service that unites Xbox Live Gold It allows you to play online, chat with friends, and save from games Games with gold, has exclusive discounts in addition to many other benefits, with game arcade and he game library By subscribing, you’ll have a slew of titles updated every month, including all Xbox exclusives at launch. End subscribers can also access a catalog EA PLAY, with more than 70 games from electronic arts.