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Inter postpone the sale of Praxides to Bragantino for 36.9 million Brazilian riyals |  football

Inter postpone the sale of Praxides to Bragantino for 36.9 million Brazilian riyals | football

Inter have sold Bruno Praxedes, 19, sent to Bragantino. Inter’s focus is to beat Vitoria on Thursday and secure a place in the Copa del Rey Round of 16. However, management has made clear since the start of the season the need to trade players to generate revenue.

The deal revolves around 6 million euros (36.9 million Brazilian reals) in exchange for 60% of the rights of Inter plus 10% belonging to Fluminense. Colorado is still with 10% for future trading. The midfielder goes to the club Sao Paulo, but the deal is with the group that includes the team.

Inter gets about 33 million Brazilian reals from the amount. The parties have already agreed and are in the process of exchanging documents. To perpetuate the transaction, the official letter from Fluminense, whose percentage is also involved in the negotiations, has yet to be reached.

Praxides will leave Inter in the next few days – Photo: Riccardo Duarte / Devolgação, Inter

Inter, in a delicate financial position, needs to make sales to balance cash. The club is expected to accumulate R$90m in negotiations throughout 2021.

Fluminense revealed that Praxides arrived at the club from Rio Grande do Sul in 2019. Last year, he was still under 20 years old, and was one of the advocates of Colorado’s capture of the São Paulo Junior Cup.

After the arrival of Abel Braga, the midfielder gained fame. He ended up as a rookie and one of the key pieces in the campaign that ended with the Brasileirão Vice Championship. In the current season, already under the leadership of Miguel Angel Ramirez, he started among the hosts, but lost his place in the sequence.

Praxides played 54 matches for the club from Rio Grande do Sul. Scored two goals. The most recent was last Sunday, in a 5-1 defeat for Fortaleza in Castellao.