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Inter meet Vitoria after crash in the Brazilian Cup and the controversy with Victor Ramos Kiss |  Brazil Cup

Inter meet Vitoria after crash in the Brazilian Cup and the controversy with Victor Ramos Kiss | Brazil Cup

of walking Inter The Brazilian Cup begins against a former executioner. In an effort to mitigate the turmoil, Miguel Angel Ramirez’s team faces off win over This Thursday, at 7 pm, in Paradao, the third stage goes. He is already a competitor The Gauchos were eliminated twice in the tournament and had a direct impact on relegation in Brazil in 2016, who has the right to fight in the courts.

Today, Bahian Rubro-Negro is going through a moment worse than Colorado. He’s in Serie B for the third year in a row, was fifth statewide and fell into the Copa do Noreste semi-finals.

As a bonus, the team didn’t win for more than a month, when they beat Vitoria da Conquista 2-0 in the Bahia tournament. Since then, they have played three matches, in which they drew twice and lost one.

Inter were eliminated by Vitoria in the Copa Brazil 2018 – Photo: Riccardo Duarte/Inter Development

The current scenario turns to encourage Inter, who are trying to recover amid a winning streak in six matches. In addition, Colorado has won its last two games, signed in 2018 Brasiliao (3-2 in Paradao and 2-1 in Beira Rio).

However, the history of the Brasil Cup awakens bad memories. Inter were eliminated the two times they crossed with Vitoria in the competition.

Inter x victory in the Brazilian Cup

  • Inter 1×1 Vitoria – 04/14/2004 – Round of 16
  • Inter win 3×1 – 05/05/2004 – Round of 16
  • Inter 2×1 Vitoria – 11/04/2018 – Phase 4
  • Win 1 (4) x (3) 0 Inter – 19/04/2018 – Fourth Stage

In 2004, the two teams met in the round of 16. The first leg ended in a 1-1 draw in Porto Alegre, and Vitoria advanced 3-1 in Salvador. In 2018, Inter won the first match 2-1, but lost 1-0 in Paradao, with a goal from Nilton.

The decision went to penalties. Marcelo Lomba took over from Nixon, but was squandered by Nico Lopez and Gabriel Dias by gaucho and invited the championship. In addition to the goalkeeper, Victor Cuesta and Patrick are available for match five as leftovers for that showdown.

Highlights: Vitoria 1 (4) x (3) 0 Internacional for the fourth stage of the Copa del Rey.

Modern history is balanced. In the last 10 matches between the two teams, each team has scored four wins and two draws. And although Inter have won their last two matches, memories also point to the year of relegation to the Brazilian Championship.

The last 10 matches between Inter x Vitoria

  • Vitoria 2 x 2 Inter – 05/25/2013 – Brasilia
  • Inter 2 x 2 Vitoria – 09/12/2013 – Brasilia
  • Inter 1 x 0 Vitoria – 19/04/2014 – Brazil
  • Vitoria 2 x 0 Inter – 09/10/2014 – Brazil
  • Vitoria 1 x 0 Inter – 06/05/2016 – Brasileirão
  • Inter 0 x 1 Vitoria – 09/15/2016 – Brazil
  • Inter 2 x 1 Vitoria – 11/04/2018 – Copa do Brasil
  • Vitoria 1 (4) x (3) 0 Inter – 19/04/2018 – Copa do Brasil
  • Vitoria 2 x 3 Inter – 05/30/2018 – Brasilia
  • Inter 2 x 1 Vitoria – 09/30/2018 – Brazil

And of course the memories are negative. Inter lost the two matches they played with Vitoria in the Brazilian Championship that year. Robro Negro won 1-0 in both Paradao and Beira Rio.

The results affected the classification. Vitoria finished the tournament in 16th place, and was the last to escape relegation with 45 points. They had two more than Inter, seventeenth. The center reached its climax in the first relegation in the club’s history.

Internacional 0 x 1 Vitória's best moments of round 25 of Brazil

Internacional 0 x 1 Vitória’s best moments of round 25 of Brazil

The dispute still has an off-field chapter. Already in a delicate position on the table, the Inter joined the Supreme Court of Sports Justice (STJD) against an alleged offense in the scoring of defender Victor Ramos, and then in Vitoria, a process already started by Bahia.

In the fight against removal, Gauchos asked the court to reopen the case to penalize the club for losing points in matches in which the defender was on the field.

Victor Ramos played a pivotal role in a case that was adjudicated in court after Inter’s fall in 2016 – Photo: Francisco Galvão / EC Vitória / Disclosure

The trial was suspended, and days later, it was decided not to conduct it with locked case. The following year, the Sao Paulo court understood that the documents he had submitted Inter was correct.

All this serves as an element of weight play in a match that Inter are seeking rehabilitation during the season. Colorado begins its journey through the Copa del Rey on Thursday. The match against Vitoria will take place at 7 pm in Paradao in Salvador.

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