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'Insurance Sessions' is Elton John's eighth #1 UK album - music

‘Insurance Sessions’ is Elton John’s eighth #1 UK album – music

At the age of 74, Elton John For the eighth time he set a record at the top of the British chart. “The Lockdown Sessions” is an album created using the many collaborations that the pandemic veteran has made with artists as diverse as Dua Lipa NS Eddie Vader. The equivalent of 81,000 copies of the work were sold, approximately 85% of which were already purchased on CD or vinyl.

The top 40 had a large number of debuts, as well as eight, and five in the top ten: the most recent releases of King’s woolAnd rotation rotation NS Bevy Clear, ranked second, third and fourth, respectively, as well as a special re-edition to celebrate 40 years of “Tattoo You”, rolling stones (VII), the debut EP of Meme web“Seven Shades Of Heartbreak”, em décimo.

More below featured “Give priority to fun”, by Respect my self (11 degrees), “view from the top of the world”, do dream theater (12) The latest collection of rarities from Nick how and bad seeds day 27.

Watch the top 10:

1 – “closing sessions“- Elton John (for the first time)
2 – “blue balustrades“- King’s wool (for the first time)
3 – “past future“- rotation rotation (for the first time)
4 – “The legend of eternal happiness“- Bevy Clear (for the first time)
5 – “fields music“- bad play (down four positions)
6 – “25“- Adele (down three positions)
7 – “tattoo for you“- rolling stones (for the first time)
8 – “sour“- Olivia Rodrigo (above two jobs)
9 – “Seven shades of heartbreak“- Meme web
10 – “Certified Boy Lover“, from drake (drop position)

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