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Instagram offers the option to make comments that everyone sees in Stories |  technology

Instagram offers the option to make comments that everyone sees in Stories | technology

Instagram starts offering a feature that allows you to post publicly to a user’s Stories – Image: Reproduction

A new Instagram feature allows users to publicly comment on the stories of profiles they follow. Called Hype, it gives the user the option to post an open comment on the story and Any follower can see the posted interaction.

the tool It does not replace direct messagingmessages sent to the profile privately, which remain in Stories.

It is important to be careful and not get confused and spread a message to everyone that may be private 🔥🔥🔥

➡️ A message that everyone can see: It represents noise Balloon icon 🗨️, which appears on Left corner Below each story of the profiles you follow.

➡️ Private Message (DM): The space for sending a private message or comment remains available, also at the bottom of the story, in the “Send Message/Message” field. Likes (❤️) on the post also remain private.

The first time a follower clicks on this balloon, Instagram explains what it is about, in a notification at the top of the post: “Add comments to your friends’ stories. Comments are visible to anyone viewing the story.”

A message appears indicating that ‘Hype’ is active for users, warning that commenting on the story will be public – Image: Reproduction

Everything commented on from the bubble appears at the bottom of the story itself (such as those comments made during the live broadcast), for all users to see (As in the image that opens the report).

Posts can be shared on Instagram Stories – Image: Reproduction

When there is more than one comment on the same post, they “take turns” and All commented profile photos are visible. In addition to seeing public comments, anyone can interact with them.

How to enable and disable public comments on stories

If the feature is already available for your profile-You can turn public comments on and off. See how to do it:

  1. On the next screen, in story comments, You can choose whether comments can be submitted by everyone (Even by people who don’t follow the user, in the case of a public profile). People the user follows (people you follow) or Champions.
  2. Select the option story And go to the option “Allow comments” and click the arrow to open it;
  3. Act as if you were going to publish a file New story And click The gear button is in the upper right corner (Camera settings)

It is possible to limit who can make public comments, which is now allowed in Instagram Stories – Image: Reproduction

Instagram announced Hype when it entered testing last year, but users started commenting that they noticed the new feature this weekend.

Some said they were surprised by the public comments that began appearing on their stories, without knowing what they were about or whether they could avoid them.

During the announcement, Instagram President Adam Mosseri said that Meta had observed a change in behavior among users of the social network in 2022, who were sending private messages in stories more than publishing in followers’ posts.

With Hype, the company’s idea is to create engagement and encourage original content creation.

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