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Instagram announces a tool that surprises users

Adding music to stories is made possible by Instagram Recently, specifically in 2018. The platform offers a pre-set library with a large collection of songs.

However, since last year, users of the platform have reported that the tool is not working properly on some profiles.

although Instagram He did not comment directly on the topic, it is known that the tool for adding music to stories only works on personal and creator accounts. This way, owners of professional profiles cannot access the library with all the songs available.

sound group

First, it is important to note that some professional accounts are able to access all the songs on the platform, however, others do not, because the permission is country-related, since the rules differ from place to place.

Therefore, due to legal issues, the digital platform is not used to open a music instrument for this type of account.

However, there is a feature on Facebook, called Sound Collection, that allows users to access nearly 9,000 different songs. Also, all audio group tracks are allowed to be used on Instagram.

See how to use Sound Collection step by step

  • Access the Facebook Sound Collection through Creator Studio or through this link;
  • On the main page, click “Creative Tools” and then select the “Audio Collection” option;
  • On the page, two categories will be available, “Tracks” and “Sound Effects”;
  • Finally, find the music of your choice and that’s it!

Here’s how to put a WhatsApp link in your Instagram stories

In order not to lag behind your competitors tik tokInstagram has updated its app and now allows links to be added to Stories. Previously, the defunct “swipe up” feature was limited to a few people.

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Now, in addition to being able to put a link in your Instagram bio, it’s possible to reveal it in 24-hour posts.

How to put your WhatsApp link on Instagram

  1. Create your link The WhatsApp

The procedure is very simple, just add your number after the address bar “wa.me/”, and remember to put the country code and state area code.

  1. Go to Instagram

In the application, click on the (+) icon in the top bar and select “Story”. Next, click on the labels item and select the “Link” function.

  1. Disclosure of the link

Once done, copy the link from the file The WhatsApp And paste it on the indicated button on Instagram. Then share it with your followers.

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