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INSS approved payroll changes;  Find out who you’re asking for, fees and values

INSS approved payroll changes; Find out who you’re asking for, fees and values

the main points

  • Banks and financial institutions such as Caixa Econômica and Banco do Brasil have suspended the offer of the INSS salary loan;
  • Carlos Lupi, obtained the approval of the CNPS, for the compulsory reduction of the rate from 2% to 1.7%;
  • The banks wanted the rate to be 2.01%.

Ministers Federal government Representatives of financial institutions met in the past Monday 27to discuss the future INSS shipment. The meeting agenda was Adjusting the interest rate cap From the credit method that affected the supply through banks.

INSS approved payroll changes; Find out who you’re asking for, fees and values. (photo: FDR)

there about 12 daysBanks and financial institutions such as Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), Banco do Brasil (BB) and others, INSS payroll loan offer suspended. contrary to expectations, The meeting did not reach consensus on changes related to the new interest rate ceiling.

However, the Social Security Minister, Carlos LupeI got approval National Board of Social Security (CNPS), to Compulsory rate reduced from 2% to 1.7%resulting in more banks Stop offering INSS payroll deductible credit.

in Monday 27Hey National Association of Retirees suggested to 1.9% as a loan interest ceilingBut the banks are reluctant to do so Provide INSS payroll with rates below 2%.

According to information from O GLOBO newspaper, The rate should be the loan rises from 1.7% to 1.99%While that The payroll card can be increased from 2.62% to 2.91%.

Banks wanted the interest rate to be 2.01%but admit that it will be difficult to agree to CNPSon condition The government has a majority in the councilwith 12 votes from 15 members. a CNPS meet again at this Tuesday 28after Chief of Staff, Rui Costagive the date as a deadline to get out of the deadlock.

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He must be present at the meeting Chief of Staff, Rui Costawith Social Security Ministers, Carlos Lupe, from Fernando Haddad Farmhe is from Work, Louise MarinoBeyond Representatives of financial institutions.

What is INSS Salary Loan Margin?

INSS payroll has specific rules. a Customizable marginThe monthly income limit that can be adhered to when paying the loan installment is 45%.

This percentage is calculated on the remainder of the insured’s salary after any Income tax deductions and alimonyand can be divided as follows:

  • 35% for payroll deductible loan operations (traditional payroll deduction);
  • 5% for payroll credit card transactions exclusively;
  • 5% for payroll card transactions.

a Loan repayment period It should be at most 84 months, And the money borrowed by the financial institution must be credited to the account where the person receives the monthly benefit, whether it is a checking account or a savings account.

Another option for those who do not have a bank account and Receive from INSS only via IC card Is the release of the loan through money transferpreferably in The branch of the bank that maintains the benefit.

In addition to, The loan must be made in the same condition in which the benefits are held. Maximum interest rate traditional payroll loans with Deduction from salaries from 2.14% per month. In case Cardreach to 3.06% per month.

INSS creates new rules for signed loans and this commitment is already in force!

What will be the new INSS salary loan rules?

Doing excercise, The INSS salary deduction will be formalized exclusively through the use of biometrics, which will serve as the signature of the insured. In all cases, the retiree or retiree is obligated to submit a An official identification document with a photo alongside the Individual Taxpayer (CPF) registration.

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The rule changes also provide for access to credit without biometrics Provided that the loan is obtained directly from the bank or financial institution or through the electronic channels of the institution. Recruitment by phone call is not permitted.

What are the advantages of INSS payroll?

a INSS Payroll Loan It has some advantages over other types of loans, such as:

  • lowest interest rates: Interest rates on INSS payroll loans are usually lower than other types of loans, such as personal loans or credit cards, for example. This is because the premiums are deducted directly from the INSS insured person’s salary or benefit, which reduces the risk of default.
  • Longer terms: Payment terms can be up to 84 months (7 years), making the installments more affordable for those in need of a high value loan.
  • Without consulting the SPC or Serasa: The INSS Payroll Loan does not require consultation with SPC or Serasa, making it easier for people with credit limitations to obtain the loan.
  • Salary deduction: Premiums are paid by direct deduction from payroll or from the insured person’s social security benefit, avoiding forgetfulness or late payment.
  • Ease of employment: Obtaining INSS payroll loans is quick and easy, and can be done directly with the bank or finance company offering the service.