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Indrik's day!  The coolest was not even the first goal, but the situation - 10/26/2022

Indrik’s day! The coolest was not even the first goal, but the situation – 10/26/2022

Finally, it was Indrik’s day. October 25, 2022, the day a 16-year-old boy became the youngest goalscorer in the history of the most-earned Brazilian club, Palmeiras.

The goal at the Arena da Baixada was so cool it was a milestone, but the coolest thing in my opinion was seeing Endrick’s stand at the end of the match, bringing in the Atl√©tico fans and taking selfies with them (see below).

By the way, applause also to the hurricane fans themselves. Who should be angry with the team and worried about the final of the Libertadores, Saturday, but they understood the historical moment and preferred to participate in it in a civilized way.

Indrik also had a very nice interview with Casemiro, he is a very mature player for someone who is only 16 years old and, as he himself said, he is in his first year – which in my time I called his first high. The school. He was ready for the moment, and the moment comes little by little.

In the field, I really liked to see another kind of situation, the tactical one. Indrik steals the ball from the first goal – which appeared to be his goal, but awarded to Scarpa – and also steals the ball in midfield that will create the corner kick, and later the third goal (by Gustavo Gomez). The boy is in good hands with Abel Ferreira and, in addition to his obvious off-court readiness, really has a chance to gain some sort of European mentality at the moment.

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You never know what will happen to a 16-year-old. Neymar emerged as an early star and justified it. Vinicius Jr., too. Alexandre Bateau, for example, no. There may be injuries, stones in the road, negative effects, nothing is certain. But the path that Indrik is following is that of a rising star, and it’s no wonder that Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and others are already at the helm of this story.

Congratulations, Indrik, on the goal. But above all, congratulations on your stance and your feet on the ground.