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Index – Domestic – Children should also be vaccinated

Children, especially those with chronic illnesses, need to be vaccinated with a corona virus vaccine as soon as possible, said Giorgi Patta, a pediatrician and former president of the Home Pediatricians Association.

According to the expert, this is a positive result Pfizer The child has been vaccinated in Israel since the age of 12, and according to medical tests, has achieved better results than adults.

He stressed that new vaccines for children are not expected to be imported and will only be explored as to whether they can be vaccinated with what is already available.

He also explained that it is important to vaccinate children because they often transmit the infection to each other or to others.

As long as they are protected by the masses, we cannot leave this epidemic.

– He said.

He further stressed Is severe The number of cases among children has also increased recently, which is why it is important to vaccinate people with chronic illness as soon as possible.

Giorgi Patta also suggested that Graduates The abnormal vaccine, meanwhile, can be resolved if at least one dose is given to them, so that students can safely make the final exam.

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