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Index – Abroad – Power outage on uranium enrichment, Iran refers to nuclear terrorism

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A power outage occurred at the Natanz nuclear power plant in Iran’s Isfahan province, a day after the new uranium enrichment centrifuges went into operation.

Behrus Kamalwandi, a spokesman for Iran’s nuclear company, said the power supply network had failed, but no one had been injured and no pollutants had been released into the environment.AP News Agency In his latest news, the head of the office, Ali Akbar Salehi, writes that he described the case in terms of nuclear terrorism. It flies in quick succession in the Israeli media News Mossad carried out an online sabotage operation at the nuclear power plant, which resulted in the closure of uranium enrichment centrifuges.

In May 2019, Iran began to deliberately announce that it was violating the agreement reached with the United States in 2015 to limit its nuclear program, at an increasing pace in recent months. The reason is that the United States, led by President Donald Trump, withdrew from the agreement in 2018 after allegations that Iran had not complied. At the same time, Donald Trump reintroduced punitive measures against Iran, which Washington removed after the agreement was signed in 2015.

The 2015 agreement only allowed Iran to use previously used IR-1 centrifuges, which are slower than these modern versions. Iran has developed several new versions since IR-1. Mechanical tests of an even faster IR-9 centrifuge have begun, while IR-8 is also in development. IR-9 now separates uranium isotopes fifty times faster than IR-1. One thousand of IR-2 are already in operation, and 164 of IR-4.

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In January, Iran began enriching uranium to 20 percent purity, a technological step from the production of weapons-grade uranium, which Tehran has repeatedly stated is not intended to develop a nuclear weapon, but for enriched uranium demand (scientific) purposes. Israel has always firmly believed that Iran wants a nuclear weapon, and Iran continues to develop its ballistic missiles to carry nuclear weapons, as well as explore other technologies required for this.

Iran’s enriched uranium, which is 20 percent, has now reached 55 kilograms, up from just 17 kilograms in January, the Andhra News Agency reported.