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Index – Abroad – Merkel in the distribution of vaccines: contracts not signed by stupid bureaucracy

EU member states will hold a video conference on Thursday to discuss the state of international relations in the community, including relations between the EU and Russia, as well as review the control status of the corona virus epidemic and the EU vaccination campaign.

According to previous reports from the European Council, In a two-day meeting In particular, member state leaders will review vaccine issues and infectious conditions and coordinate responses to the infectious crisis. The issue of the introduction of vaccination certificates is also being addressed.

A He writes in his folk statement, On the first day on Thursday participants were given the green light to create a security card to facilitate travel within the Schengen borders and decided to expedite the technical preparations.

At the event, German Chancellor Angela Merkel downplayed Austrian President Sebastian Kurs in his speech on the distribution of vaccines, as he said.

These agreements were signed by member states, not stupid bureaucrats!

As before, Kurz came up with a video conference saying that Vaccine distribution within the EU is unfairTherefore, Austria, along with five other Central and Eastern European member states, must repay the additional 10 million doses of Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine purchased by the European Commission.

Shortly afterwards, the leaders of the member states stopped the “vaccination debate” and discussed foreign policy and economic issues.

(Cover: Hannibal Hanske / Reuters)

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