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Independent developer creates Pokémon FPS |  esports

Independent developer creates Pokémon FPS | esports

A video of Pokémon’s first-person shooter is circulating on social media, destroying not only small monsters, but also the childhood of many people. The franchise developer and fan Dragon independently develops the game. The video went viral on social media with nearly six million views. Look at your danger:

Dragon shared a video on his YouTube channel explaining how the game came to be and how it was developed. According to the video, the idea came from a tweet that said “Someone should make the first person to shoot a Pokemon.”

To create the game, Dragon used the Unreal engine and was inspired by names like Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Halo. The FPS has three regions, with different Pokemon. As the player progresses, the creatures become stronger and more difficult to defeat. There are also Pokemon fights in each region.

Pokémon FPS has gone viral on social media – Photo: Playback / YouTube

The developer has stated that the game is not finished yet and its purpose is only to develop your skills as a programmer. The game should also not be marketed, as the rights to the characters belong to Nintendo.

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