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Increased presence in Congonhas is 'the last piece of the puzzle' for expansion, says Azul . CEO

Increased presence in Congonhas is ‘the last piece of the puzzle’ for expansion, says Azul . CEO

BUENOS AIRES * – CEO blueAnd the John Rodgersonclassified the increase in the airline’s stake in Congonhas Airport Starting next year, “the last piece of the puzzle” is to expand Azul’s presence across the country. “I think when an airline flies to 154 cities, but you don’t have a flight from Congonhas to Curitiba, Puerto Alegre, Brasilia, for example, that’s bad. So I take it that the last piece of the puzzle is there,” Rodgerson said. Estadao / broadcast. The CEO attended the report in Buenos Aires, where the Airline Leaders Forum, promoted by ., is being held Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).

Azul anticipates that it will be able to reach twice as many slots in Congonhas as of March next year, registering around 80 landings and takeoffs at the airport. Future expansion will be possible through the new rules for the distribution of slots in the station, defined by National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) in June. The definition is expected to be published by November.

Controlled to increase the company’s stake in the airport to complete And the Goal It is an agenda that has rocked the sector in recent months. The topic is getting hotter in light of Congonhas forecasts to expand landing and takeoff motions as well from March next year, from the current limit of 41 to 44 slots per hour.

Rodgerson stated that it is not “fair” that although Azul has a third of flights in the country, Congonhas has only a 4% stake. We have a third of the flights in the country, and we have 4% of Congonhas. not fair. Many of Gross domestic product do País is still very close to the Congonhas. [A expansão no aeroporto] This will expand Azul’s presence across the country, the executive said.

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The airport that became the main hub of Azul, Viracopos (SP) Bids have been resubmitted since 2020. The complex situation surrounding the management of the station has not, so far, allowed the federal government to conduct a new concession auction. As already described Estadao / broadcastABV has demonstrated its preference to remain in Viracopos, and is trying to find ways to persuade the Executive not to carry out a new bid for the airport.

Azul’s increased involvement in Congonhas Airport, which is dominated by Latam and Gol, is an agenda that has rocked the sector in recent months. take photo: Fabio Motta / Estadao

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The company’s CEO said the delays and uncertainties surrounding control of Viracopos were initially a “problem” for Azul, but conditions are currently better. Rodgerson explained that the recent expansion of the passenger terminal used by the company in particular helped in this context. He, in turn, noted that it is “obvious” that Azul wants to see a solution to the situation “soon”.

“Whether with ABV or another operator, to have a long-term partner. Because I cannot stop my growth due to a legal dispute between the agency and the airport.

* The reporter traveled at the invitation of Alta