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How to increase your Nubank card limit by up to 5000 BRL

Increase your Nubank card limit by up to R$5,000; see how

The nubank It has a series of features that make Digital Bank one of the largest in Latin America. One of the most attractive products to customers is its products Credit cardwhich has no annual fee, is international and comes with an interesting feature of building limit.

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This function is nothing more than the possibility to reserve part or all of your account balance to be used as a credit line on your card. So, if a user needs R$500 to make a purchase, just deposit that amount and keep it as a maximum.

When the transaction is executed, the value is not available for use, but only for Escrow payment. Once the bill is paid, the customer can choose what to do with the balance: keep it as a maximum, leave it in the account or withdraw.

According to Nubank, it is possible to add a limit of up to 5 thousand RRL for national and international purchases, in person or online. The same amount can be used to pay the bill, but the best is to keep the amount unchanged to continue using the card’s credit function.

Only in case the user fails to pay the bill by the due date, the bank can deduct the amount to guarantee payment. In this case, there are additional fees such as interest, penalty and IOF.

How do you use the job?

To use the function, simply access the application nubankGo to the Credit Cards menu and click on the “Set limits” option. Once done, simply click on Book Limit and enter the desired amount.

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Many believe that the limit building function has no advantage, because the account holder himself needs to spend money to get credit. However, it is useful for some people, such as those without pre-approved credit.

“This card works like this for a simple reason: Instead of denying access to a credit card, we let you create a credit history with us: by booking a limit and paying your bill for a while, our system can create a new credit history for future analysis based on your behavior, and with more information, gives you a pre-approved limit,” explains Financial technology.