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Income unlocks consultation with the remaining installment of IR refunds;  See if you receive - 11/23/2022

Income unlocks consultation with the remaining installment of IR refunds; See if you receive – 11/23/2022

On Wednesday (23), the Federal Revenue Service opened consultations regarding the remaining batch of refunds for the IRPF (Income tax of individuals) referring to the month of November. The new batch will include 556,685 taxpayers among the priority and non-priority groups. Click here to consult🇧🇷

The refunds add up to R$1.2 billion and will be issued on the 30th. Of this amount, just over R$607.9 million will be transferred to legal priority taxpayers, of whom 15,889 are seniors over the age of 80.

“Another 115,654 taxpayers are between the ages of 60 and 79, 10,306 taxpayers have some physical or mental disability, or serious illness and 47,774 taxpayers whose primary source of income is teaching. Note.

How do I check if I will receive? The taxpayer must enter IRS Web site, click on “My Income Tax” and then “Consult Refund”. In this tab, one will be able to make a simplified or full query on the status of the declaration through the processing statement.

If there are outstanding cases in the declaration, the taxpayer will also be able to correct any incorrect information.

Where will the recovery process take place? If the data is correct, the money will be refunded to the bank account indicated by the taxpayer in the IR statement, directly or by indicating the key pix🇧🇷 If the amount is not available, it will be possible to redeem it within one year at any Banco do Brasil branch.

The taxpayer may reschedule the availability of credit amounts through BB website Or by calling the phones 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other locations), and 0800-729-0088 (a special phone number exclusively for people with hearing impairments).

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If a refund has not been received within a year, the taxpayer may request it through the e-CAC portal, available on the Federal Revenue website, by going to the “Declarations and Clarifications > My Income Tax” menu and clicking on “Request Refund” Do not redeem in the banking network.