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Income tax: More than 23,000 people in the state fell into the micro-net

Income tax: More than 23,000 people in the state fell into the micro-net

(Photo: Marcelo Casal Jr. / Angia Brasil)

More than 23,000 Espírito Santos signed up for this year’s income tax fine grid. The data was passed on by Federal Revenue, this Thursday (30). The foundation stated that 869,302 taxpayers were retained in Brazil.

Across the country, 368,687,880 ads were delivered this year and the total number of Brazilians in micronets corresponds to 2.4% of all documents handed over to federal revenue.

In Espírito Santo, revenue indicates that 23,391 ads were held in the financial network. The foundation revealed that “the main reason is medical expenses, followed by lack of income.”

To find out your status with Federal Revenue, the taxpayer must access the corporation’s website (click here) or via the Recipes app available for download on mobile and tablet.

Another way to find out if you are in good standing is to access the income tax “extract” on the IRS website at the so-called Virtual Service Center, e-CAC (click here).

To access the IR statement, it is necessary to use an access code generated on the IRS page itself, or a digital certificate issued by an authorized authority.

Check out the Internal Revenue Service’s guidelines for those caught up in the income tax fine grid

  • Correct the statement submitted, without any fine or penalty, by means of a corrective statement, if there are errors in what has been declared to the Department of Internal Revenue. Such correction will not be possible after the taxpayer has been called or notified.

  • Wait for a call from the Internal Revenue Service to provide documents explaining the outstanding issue presented in the statement.

  • Virtually present all receipts and documents certifying the amounts declared and indicated as pending in the statement. To submit documents, it is necessary to carefully check the instructions in the DIRPF Processing Statement and formalize the digital process of the financial network through the e-CAC portal. For information on the Malha Fiscal Digital process, see Malha Fiscal – Customer Service, from the Onde Encontro space.

  • The submission of documents, in this case, is the responsibility of the taxpayer, who can still be summoned or receive a notice of release from the Internal Revenue Service.

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