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Income tax: Income opens this second consultation for the remaining payment of refunds | income tax 2021

The Federal Revenue Office opens at 9 a.m. this Monday (24) Consultation with a remaining batch of refunds from Individual Income Tax 2021, referring to the base year 2020, as well as related to previous years.

The remaining shares are those of taxpayers who fell into a good network of IR, but later settled the outstanding issues.

Inquiries can be made:

In all, 240,744 taxpayers will receive R$281.9 million on Jan. 31, according to revenue.

Of these, R$96.66 million refers to taxpayers who have priority in receiving payments (the elderly, people with certain physical or mental disabilities or serious illnesses and those whose main source of income is teaching).

In September, the IRS reported that roughly 870,000 taxpayers signed into the income tax microgrid for 2021.

Revenue cited the main reasons for holding in the network:

  • 41.4% – omission of earnings subject to annual adjustment (permit holders and dependents);
  • 30.9% – deductions from the basis of the account (the main reason for the deduction – medical expenses);
  • 20.0% – discrepancies in the IRRF amount between what appears on the Dirf and what has been authorized by the individual;
  • 7.7% due to deductions from the tax payable, the receipt of accumulated profits, and the discrepancy in information regarding the payment of carnê-leão and/or supplemental tax.

To see if they are in the fine network, taxpayers can access the income tax “statement” on Federal Revenue’s website. It is called e-CAC (Virtual Service Center).

After checking for discrepancies found by the Internal Revenue Service on the income tax return, the taxpayer can submit a correction statement.

When the situation is resolved, the taxpayer leaves the fine grid and, if eligible, the refund will be included in the remaining income tax payments.