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Income Tax: How to Advise Your Refunds

Income Tax: How to Advise Your Refunds

Next Monday, May 24, 10 a.m., Federal Revenue Service (RF) to be issued Consultation with the first batch of refund Income tax Of Individuals (IRPF) for the year 2021. The batch is scheduled to be released on the 31st of this month.

With a total value of 6 billion riyals, it is deposited in the account of 3,466 million riyals Shareholders Referring to Income tax. This will be the largest payment issued by the tax authorities. A group of public bodies responsible for setting and collecting taxes.

Advertising Income tax It will be delivered after the deadline for a fine of not less than R $ 165.74, up to 20% of the tax due. For those who have already contracted the fine, they may incur interest of 1% per month, and also be limited to 20% of the tax owed.

How to check the status of your income tax return

First to be thought of with Receipt of income tax refund They will be people with legal priority, being:

  • Elderly.

  • People with physical, mental or serious disabilities;

  • Taxpayers most of their income comes from teaching.

Non-priority shareholders who submitted their statement by February 28 will also be considered first.

From tax authority On the Internet, it is possible Whether your statement has been releasedThrough the “Meu Imposto de Renda” mobile application, a consultation is also possible. There are the following statuses for the ad status:

If corrections are required, they can be made by means of a correction statement.

Don’t miss the deadline!

Submission deadline Formulations It has been extended this year until May 31, but this will not affect the schedule of the government, which decided to keep it. This year will follow the same number of batches as last year, which went from seven to five, and the start of the discards went to May as well, and it is expected that tax authority Full payment of all refunds by September of this year.

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For those who will receive Income tax refund, The balance will be deposited into the bank account reported on the tax return. In the event of errors in the information meaning that the amounts cannot be deposited automatically, there will be funds available for redemption for a period of up to one year at Banco do Brasil (BB).

to me he wonThere are about 390,000 taxpayers who have yet to receive the 2020 refund, mainly due to pending issues with their bank accounts. If it is not recovered in BB after one year, the taxpayer will need to request the tax authorities themselves.

If there is a need to search for taxIt is important to remember that the deadline for submitting a refund request is up to five calendar years, after which you will have the opportunity to receive the expired payment.

The expectation is that 32 million permits from Personal income tax Back to the year 2021 for the tax authority. 14 million people have yet to post an ad and are at risk of exceeding the deadline, which is as of May 31 this year.