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Income Tax 2023: See Tips for Avoiding the Tricky Entanglement |  Income tax

Income Tax 2023: See Tips for Avoiding the Tricky Entanglement | Income tax

Income tax 2023 – Image: Arte/g1

taxpayers who submit Information that is incorrect or different from the data provided by other entities who also need to provide information to federal revenue—such as businesses, financial institutions, health plans, and more— You may end up getting caught in the tax net (also known as the “micro-net”).

In these cases, the statement is separated by “revenue” for deeper analysis, as it checks for outstanding issues and any errors. if that happens, The taxpayer may delay receiving the refund, if any, and run the risk of receiving a fine from the tax authorities.

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  • Understand the basic terms

How do I know I fell into the fine network?

You can find out if your statement is withheld from the tax system using e-CAC (click here). When logging in, select the option “My Income Tax (DIRPF Extract)”. On the Processing tab, choose the Hanging Grid item. There, you can check if your statement is in the fine grid and check why it is being masked.

To help you avoid the fine web, Contabilizei’s Vice President of Operations, Charles Gourlarte, offers some tips and highlights points of interest. Check below:

  • Beware of losing affiliate incomeToo often, the taxpayer forgets to put the dependent’s income on the income tax return, which can end up netting well. In addition, it is also worth noting that a person cannot be considered a dependent on more than one declaration;
  • Check the information carefully and do not omit the recipesAs in the case of dependents, the taxpayer needs to be careful when proving their income. Carefully check the financial information so that there are no discrepancies regarding the data reported by the companies and entities that also report to the tax authorities;
  • Beware of lion meat: The error occurs when taxpayers forget to add the information from the Lion’s Book into the declaration. To prevent this from happening, you must remember to import the document information into your 2023 annual income tax return. To do this, simply open the IR software and click on Imports. In the tab, select the option “Carnê-leão 2023”. Then, you just need to allow the program to access your Gov.br account or enter the access code, after which the information will be imported and included in the manifest;
  • If you opt for the prepackaged ad, don’t forget to check the information: The data for this type of return is filled in based on what was reported in the income tax withholding return (Dirf), which is delivered to the agency by paying legal entities, companies in the real estate sector and health service providers until the end of February. . However, it should be noted that the taxpayer is still responsible for confirming, changing, including or deleting the data, if necessary;
  • Have all the necessary documents on hand.: Lack of document when filling out the declaration may cause discrepancies in relation to what Dirf declared. See here the documents required for the declaration;
  • Don’t confuse PGBL with VGBL: PGBL allows you to deduct up to 12% of income tax and must be declared in Advance Payments. The VGBL, which is not deductible from the IR, must be reported in the “Assets and Rights” form;
  • Be careful when declaring alimonyOne of the changes introduced by Revenue in the income tax for 2023 was the update on alimony income, which went to the “exempt and non-taxable income list.”
  • calmly review data;
  • Avoid leaving the statement until the last minute;
  • Be careful not to miss the numbers;
  • Attention with continuing information passed in the previous year.

Income Tax 2023: Learn how to download the declaration software

Who is required to authorize?

  • Those with taxable income above R$28,559.70 in 2022. The amount is the same as last year’s IR return;
  • Taxpayers who received exempt, non-taxable or taxable income exclusively from source, the amount of which was greater than R$40,000 last year;
  • Who, in any month of 2022, obtained capital gains from the sale of assets or rights, subject to taxation tax, or carried out operations on stocks, commodities, futures and similar exchanges whose total amount was greater than R$40,000.00 (forty thousand R$) res ), or with the calculation of the net taxable gains;
  • Those exempt from capital gains tax on the sale of residential property, followed by the acquisition of another residential property within 180 days;
  • who in 2022 had a total revenue of more than R$ 142,798.50 in rural activity;
  • who, as of December 31, 2022, owned or possessed goods or rights, including open land, with a total value of more than R$300,000;
  • who became a resident of Brazil in any month and remained in that status until December 31, 2022.