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Income Tax 2023: Revenue opens consultation on remaining batch of November refunds;  Find out how to do it |  Income tax

Income Tax 2023: Revenue opens consultation on remaining batch of November refunds; Find out how to do it | Income tax

Income Tax 2023: Declaration deadline is May 31. — Photo: Marcos Serra/g1

This Thursday (23), starting at 10 am, the Federal Revenue Service opens consultations on the remaining batch of personal income tax refunds (IRPF) for November 2023.

They will be paid approx 762.9 million Brazilian reals to 358,737 taxpayers. Deposits will be made at November 30.

The remaining payments are those of taxpayers who were caught in the fine mesh of international relations, but who later settled their outstanding issues.

Of the total to be refunded by the tax authorities, approx 524.8 million Brazilian reals It will be paid to taxpayers who have priority to receive it. In total, they are:

Moreover, it is also included 144,367 non-priority taxpayers.

“The page presents instructions and channels for providing the service, allowing a simplified consultation or a complete consultation on the status of the return, through the processing statement, which can be accessed via e-CAC,” the Tax Authority stated in a note.

If any outstanding issue is identified on the return, the taxpayer can correct the return, correcting any incorrect information.

The Federal Revenue Service also noted that it provides an application for tablets and smartphones that allows you to directly consult information about the issuance of IRPF refunds and the status of registration of CPF registration in the databases of tax authorities.

How will I receive my refund?

The refund is paid to the bank account reported by the taxpayer in the income tax return, directly or by reference to the PIX key.

If the credit is not implemented for any reason (for example, if the reported account is deactivated), the amounts will be available for refund for up to one year at Banco do Brasil. In this case, the citizen will be able to reschedule the approval of the amounts via: BP portalor by contacting the BB Relationship Center by phone:

  • 4004-0001 (uppercase);
  • 0800-729-0001 (other locations);
  • 0800-729-0088 (special phone number for the hearing impaired only).

If taxpayers do not receive their refund within a year, they will need to request the credit through the e-CAC portal, available on the Federal Revenue website. In this case, simply access the “Returns and Statements” menu and choose the “My Income Tax” tab. Next, simply click on “Request a refund of unrefunded funds in network banking”.

Understand changes to income tax deduction

The main reasons that led taxpayers to microgrid

  • 58.1% – Deductions from the account base, with medical expenses being the main reason for retention (42.3% of the total reasons for retention).
  • 27.6% – Omission of income subject to annual adjustment for declared holders and dependents.
  • 10% – Discrepancies between the IRRF values ​​(income tax deducted at source) and what is stated in the shelf and what individuals declared in the DIRPF.
  • 4.3% – Due tax deductions, receipt of accumulated income, and the difference between the amounts of the book and the declared supplementary tax and the amounts actually collected.

To find out if they are in the group, taxpayers can also access the income tax “statement” on the Federal Revenue website, in the so-called e-CAC (virtual service center).

To access the IR statement, it is necessary to use the access code generated on the Federal Revenue page itself or a digital certificate issued by a qualified authority.

Refunds for returns with discrepancies (in a mixed case) are only released after they are corrected by the citizen, or after the taxpayer provides proof of the correctness of his return.