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Income Tax 2023: Federal Revenue Declaration Program This Thursday |  Income tax

Income Tax 2023: Federal Revenue Declaration Program This Thursday | Income tax

Income tax 2023 – Image: Arte/g1

The software used to declare income tax for 2023, base year 2022, has been released by Federal Revenue for download as of Thursday (9). The information for the new date was released on Wednesday (8) by the Department of Revenue.

According to Federal Revenue, anticipating the launch of the IR program “helps the taxpayer.”

“By having access to the information necessary to deliver the declaration, you can organize yourself and collect the necessary documents. In addition, possible crowding should be avoided [para download do programa]the agency added.

Request to receive refunds

The priority groups to receive refunds (in order) are:

  • the elderly over 80 years old;
  • the elderly between the ages of 60 and 79;
  • taxpayers who have a physical or mental disability or serious illness;
  • Taxpayers whose main source of income is teaching.

Usually, after priority collections have been paid, the receipt order, as a rule, has a delivery date for the advertisements.

For example: A taxpayer who is not in the priority groups submits the declaration on March 15, immediately at the beginning of the statutory deadline, and does not file a pre-filled declaration or inform the PIX. He will receive the refund after someone else submits the document on the last day of the legal deadline, May 31 (who used these procedures).

You are required to declare income tax in 2023

  • Those with taxable income above R$28,559.70 in 2022. The amount is the same as last year’s IR return;
  • Taxpayers who received exempt, non-taxable or taxable income exclusively from source, the amount of which was greater than R$40,000 last year;
  • Who, in any month of 2022, obtained capital gains from the sale of assets or rights, subject to taxation tax, or carried out operations on stocks, commodities, futures and similar exchanges whose total amount was greater than R$40,000.00 (forty thousand R$) res ), or with the calculation of the net taxable gains;
  • Those exempt from capital gains tax on the sale of residential property, followed by the acquisition of another residential property within 180 days;
  • who in 2022 had a total revenue of more than R$ 142,798.50 in rural activity;
  • who, as of December 31, 2022, owned or possessed goods or rights, including open land, with a total value of more than R$300,000;
  • who became a resident of Brazil in any month and remained in that status until December 31, 2022.