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In Xepa, Douglas uses the VIP kitchen and gets severely punished.  · TV News

In Xepa, Douglas uses the VIP kitchen and gets severely punished. · TV News

Douglas Silva I got a scolding from the production BBB 22 You lose 500 stakes when you open a VIP fridge and fill a water bottle in the most exclusive kitchen. Accompanying actor Jessilane Alves, who asked him to check if the food had been removed from there. This Thursday morning (7), Arthur Aguiar Put all participants in Xepa When you use a card in the secret room.

Once he opened the VIP fridge, the Camarote member lost 50 stakes. But when a guest messes with a kitchen that doesn’t belong in his group, it’s a very serious 500-stakes punishment. When the artist faced the warning, he filled the water bottle, still in the wrong place, and went to the bedroom.

While he was getting ready for bed, DG spoke without a microphone and robbed another 50 stakes. Then the production corrected the error of taking only 50 servings from the moment he searched the VIP fridge and flooded it and announced that the actor lost 500 points.

“What? 500 stakes? What have you done, DJ?” asked Jesse in shock. “I cover myself with pajamas,” he defended himself, not understanding why.

In the secret room of BBB 22, having been selected to gain advantages over a false wall, Arthur Aguiar has special powers to alter the home’s dynamics. He’s already cut his teammates’ water, put them all in Xepa, sent out coolant and simulated erratic indoor maintenance. The former Malhação will come home at 1 pm on Thursday (7).

Check out the moment below:

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