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In the UK PL wants to disconnect EV chargers more often

In the UK PL wants to disconnect EV chargers more often

A bill in the UK aims to shut down home EV (electric vehicle) chargers more often to avoid overcharging and power outages.

The law, proposed by Transport Secretary Grant Shops, requires senders to be idle for up to nine hours a day. This measure is valid for both home and professional use.


Under the law, from 30 May 2022, new chargers in the UK – called “smart chargers” by the government – will have to come with an internet connection and presets, which will restrict the ability to operate. In this case, the chargers can only work from 8am to 11pm and from 4pm to 10pm.

In addition to the nine-hour break, authorities also plan to impose a 30-minute “approximately generated delay” on shippers in certain areas to avoid excessive peaks.

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Chargers are exempt at public and bus stations in the UK

The British government hopes that such measures will help prevent power grid blackouts. Despite this, the Boris Johnson administration explains that UK public and road shipping vendors will be exempt from the law.

From 2030, more than 14 million electric cars will be on British streets. According to the Department of Transportation, there is a risk that owners will be loaded with more electricity when they get home from work, hence the justification for stricter legislation.

The British government says the law will help save drivers’ costs. This is because, when electricity bills are cheaper, they will be charged outside at higher night time.

In the coming years, technology Vehicle Phase (V2G) This should reduce the possibility of grid overload with more compatible smart chargers. In this regime, so-called bilateral charging can be carried out, in which case the car battery can also be used to supply power to a third party, be it another car or a house.

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