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In the hospital, Raul Gil updates his health after a lobotomy TV News

In the hospital, Raul Gil updates his health after a lobotomy TV News

Raul Gil took to social media on Thursday (1) to update on his health after undergoing surgery. The 85-year-old presenter remains hospitalized at the Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, recovering from an intervention to correct an enlarged prostate. “I am recovering from a successful procedure,” he confirmed.

A smiling SBT employee appeared in a photo posted on his official Instagram profile. Hello, my friends, I am visiting here to thank you all for your love, concern, and messages, he said.

He added, “I am recovering from a successful procedure and will be back recording very soon. Also thanks to my friend Dr. Sergio Vilezzola and his entire team. Big hugs to all.”

Raoul received well wishes from famous and unknown people. “Good recovery, we love you,” wished the presenter and culinary specialist Edo Geddis. “I love you,” added Simone, who recently resumed treatment for bowel cancer.

Gabriel Rao added “Get well, Mr. Raoul. Endless blessings to you. Come soon.” Ruben Torres concluded, “Be well, may the Lord give you health every day. A big hug.”

What happened to Raul Gil?

Raoul was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo after undergoing prostatectomy. The operation took place on Tuesday (30), and the 85-year-old presenter is recovering. Forecasts indicate that the summit will occur in the next two days. In February of this year, the caller was hospitalized for an operation on his esophagus.

In a conversation with the Fofocalizando program on Wednesday (31), Raul Gil Jr., the son of the veteran, said that the surgery was planned. He reassured the public that the operation was a success.

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SBT Attraction host Chris Flores was with Raul recently and mentioned that he was complaining of pain in his knee. He is expected to resume his professional obligations next week.

Prostate curettage is an intervention that removes the enlarged portions of the organ and surrounding tissues, causing blockage of the urinary tract. Due to his age, Raoul’s patronage doubled.

This is the second time Raul Gil has been hospitalized this year. In February, the caller underwent routine tests that revealed the need for an endoscopy. The procedure consists of analysis of the mucous membrane of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum.

In 2020, the SBT squad leader on Saturday afternoon had to be flown to São Paulo after falling down a ladder and breaking two ribs.

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