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In the Brazilian classics, LOUD won the MIBR

In the Brazilian classics, LOUD won the MIBR

a high The VCT Americas League 2023 With victory. On Sunday afternoon (2), in a controversial match, Team Emeralds were defeated MIBR for every 2 to 1 He started his tournament career with the right foot. MIBR, in turn, has shown signs that it could go far in the competition.

the game

In the first showdown map, is divided, LOUD had little problem beating MIBR. Starting on the defensive side, the Emerald held off opponents who were unable to produce much. So, LOUD went into the second half with a win 8 x 4.

In the second half, LOUD’s dominance continued and the team needed a bit of time to seal the game. With a good offensive side, the team missed the MIBR defense, which became complicated during the rounds. With that, LOUD shut down the first map for 13 x 5.

The second map, Lotus, was much more balanced and MIBR controlled the game well. Starting on the defensive side, the team manages to hold LOUD attacks well, which can still add important points. Thus, MIBR won the first half 7 x 5.

In the second phase, the sound started better, but MIBR quickly regained control of the match. With a well-placed attack, the team managed to cause a lot of problems for LOUD, who tried to retreat, but failed. Therefore, MIBR closed the map for 13 x 11 The match is tied.

In the third and final map, Haven, the game was balanced again. Starting off the attack, LOUD found it a bit difficult to get past the MIBR defense at first, but managed to fit their tactics and went into the second half with the win. 8 x 4.

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In the second half, the Emeralds came back better, but MIBR started coming into the game and suffocating LOUD’s defense. Despite this, the team, led by Matias “Sadiq” Deliberto, managed to take a breather, collect the points and close out the map 13 x 11.

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