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In Search of Science, Season 2 premieres on Max and Discovery Kids

In Search of Science, Season 2 premieres on Max and Discovery Kids

According to the portal LandSeason 2 of Franginha and Milena: In Search of Sciencepremiered on Monday (8). A reality series based on the characters of the same name. Mauricio de SouzaThe children’s production begins a new series of episodes, when the two best friends, Frangina and Milena, and of course the dog, Pido, decide to develop a biosphere for life on Mars.

produced by Bionic Movies In partnership with Mauricio de Souza ProductsThe educational series was launched on the above And in Discovery Kids In February of this year, when the eight-episode first season was released.

With narration provided here by a friendly puppet, the initial chapters show the beginning of the children’s friendship and the duo’s attempts to uncover the secrets of time travel.

Success in Discovery KidsTo the point that the channel topped the children’s category, according to a study conducted by Cantar Ebube BrazilProduction is now preparing for a new adventure. Recorded simultaneously with the first season, the second season will follow the friends as they are selected for the Partiu Vida em Marte! Challenge. Enthusiastic about the competition, they decide to create an ecosystem capable of existing on the red planet.

While they focus on the project, Frangina (Fabricio Gabriel) and Milena (Bya Lisbon) Learn more about the challenges we face on our planet, including desertification, deforestation and even global warming – the real causes of the drought affecting the Limoiro neighborhood.

According to the series director. Mauro DaddioThe topics covered in the episodes stem from a combination of important scientific questions and the more imaginative side of children, who together need to talk in the script room to turn into an interesting story for the audience.

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“All big kids, including big kids like me, love space, robots, time travel, dinosaurs… These are big topics that all kids have in their imagination. So we always try to look at these topics, even if they are fun, to show how science looks at them today.The director explained in an exclusive interview with Your channel.

To address these issues in an educational way, the production enlisted the help of an astronomer. Bruno Motta“Franjina’s realism,” according to MauroIn the second season of the show, he also got the help of scientist and mathematician Marina HirotaWho contributed his knowledge on climate issues and their impact on forests.

As a result, we see the heroes having fun on the small screen as they explore these mysteries and challenges and discover more and more new information about the science and nature around them.

In addition to the duo of friends and the dog, Bido, season two Franginha and Milena: In Search of Science It also features Dudu, one of Limoeiro’s neighbors who arrives to join the group.

Inspired by the character of his name from the comics, the boy will have a very important role throughout the episodes, serving as a more childish and naive counterpoint to the issues presented by the protagonist duo.

“He’s a key character in the series because he brings curiosity.”to explain Bya LisbonThe actress who gave life to Milena, Your channel. “Dodo helps the audience in a way by talking to them.”

However, Dodo, known in the comics as Magali’s little cousin and best friend, won’t be the only strange appearance in Season 2. According to the digital director of MSP, Marcus SaraivaThe new batch of episodes also contains some Easter eggs from other characters from Monica’s Ganga tribute to the production of the universe. Mauricio de Souza.

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