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In Search of Science premieres February · Mauricio Araya's blog

In Search of Science premieres February · Mauricio Araya's blog

Fabricio Gabriel that it marginthat it Pia Lisbon, Melina

Warner Bros. discovery (courtesy)

Per day platform for flow the above will be released latin americaand combining brands cartoons, cartoon network, Children of discovery and other children's content. On the same day, the series was shown Live action or direct event produced by Children of discovery In collaboration with Biônica Filmes and Mauricio D'Souza Productions, Franginha and Milena: In Search of Science It will be the first original children's series to be released on the above.

In this adventure, divided into eight episodes, the duo is accompanied by the intelligent and inseparable dog Bedo On a fun scientific mission: discover the secrets of time travel. Science emerges as the answer to each mystery, and together they conduct experiments—from creating a microscope to programming a robot—while fostering a friendship filled with collaboration and learning.

Franginha and Milena: In Search of Science Marked with a star Fabricio Gabriel In the role of a curious and creative scientist marginthat it Pia Lisbon like MelinaA nature enthusiast who exudes attitude, curiosity and acting. The series is directed by Mauro Daddio Under technical supervision from Daniel Rezendeknown for his famous cinematic adaptations Monica's gang. All eight episodes will be available on the above In Latin America in February 27.

Franginha and Milena: In Search of Science It also debuts on the same day Children of discovery1 p.m. (Brasilia time – with replay at 8:30 p.m.), Brazil. New episodes will be released Monday through Friday, always at the same time.

Mauricio Araya's blog

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