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In SAF's purchase of Vasco, 777 acquired 100% of the traditional European club

In SAF’s purchase of Vasco, 777 acquired 100% of the traditional European club

US 777 Partners, which has an agreement to buy SAF from Vasco, took control of Standard Liège on Friday.

777 Partners, a US investment firm, already has an agreement with Vasco SAF’s purchase of the club – which has yet to be established. While the Rio team needs to approve the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol at the General Assembly, the US company continues to acquire clubs around the world. And on this Friday it was a traditional European turn.

a Standard Liège, a 10-time Belgian champion, has announced that it has reached an agreement to sell 100% of its shares to 777 Partners.

“We are pleased to accept this new challenge to help our club continue its development and regain its former glory,” the company said in a statement.

777 is still cited Three factors attracted her to Liège: fans, youth groups, and the brand.

“It is a historic club in Belgium and Europe, traditional, with extraordinary popular enthusiasm,” celebrated the year 777.

At the end of February, the Vasco Consultative Council approved a bridge loan of R$70 million with the American company. If the creation of the SAF is approved by the General Assembly, the amount will be transferred to invested capital. If not, it becomes another club debt.

In Europe, the 777 already dominates Genoafrom Italy, in addition to participating in SevilleFrom Spain.