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In return for the bribe, Cole concluded a US$41 million deal with America

In return for the bribe, Cole concluded a US$41 million deal with America

The airline will pay to stop the investigations; The bribe recipients were not identified

Cole Linhas signed a plea deal with the U.S. Department of Justice in the Arias bribery case. The agreement obliges the company to pay more than 41 million (R$ 215 million at current prices) to stop the investigations. There was information revealed Thursday (15.Sep.2022) by the North American system.

The company was accused of violating anti-bribery laws. According to the Justice Department memo, Cole paid roughly $3.8 million in bribes to Brazilian officials in 2012 and 2013 to pass two laws favorable to the company. The law includes cuts in payroll taxes and fuel prices.

The U.S. Justice Department did not identify which Brazilian officials received bribes from Cole. In a statement, the company did not identify the individuals involved in the case, saying, “”Payments Abstracts were made for politically exposed individuals”.

oh Power is 360 Brazilian officials negotiated and questioned the bribed company. The company said it would not comment “Nothing but what’s in the note”.

“The company entered into fraudulent contracts with third-party vendors for the purpose of generating and concealing the funds necessary to commit these criminal acts and then falsely recorded the fraudulent payments on its own books.” Detailed Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Palitt Jr.

The agreement between Cole and the US Department also covers the Brazilian bodies: CGU (Comptroller General of the Union) and AGU (Advocacy General of the Union). Of the total amount paid by the airline, US$ 3.4 million (R$ 17.8 million at current prices) will go to Brazil.

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In a statement, Cole confirmed the deal.The settlement of investigations related to payments made by Kohl in 2012 and 2013 of approximately US$3.8 million to politically exposed individuals, including Brazilian government officials.”. Here it is Just like that (108 KB).

He is a “An external and independent investigation contracted by the company was completed in April 2017” and the results were sent to the competent authorities.

He also said “None of the present employees, representatives or members of the board of directors or the management of the company were aware of any illegal motive behind the identified transactions or any illegal benefit to the company from the investigated transactions.”.

The US$ 41 million corresponds to a payment of US$ 17 million (R$ 89.4) to the US Department of Justice and US$ 24.5 million to the SEC (US regulatory body). In total, 12.6 million US dollars (R$ 66.2 million) will be paid in September 2022, Cole says. The remaining amount will be paid in 2 years.