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In Italy, Bolsonaro becomes the target of protests and holds a “tourist” day in Rome – Politics

ROME – On his first day of traveling to Italy for the G20, which begins on Saturday, 30, President Jair Bolsonaro He was received on Friday, 29th, by the President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, in the Quirinal Palace, the seat of the Italian government. Among the topics addressed by the Brazilian head of state is the possible entry of Brazilian tourists to Italy, who are currently banned from traveling to the country due to the pandemic. The bilateral meeting, which lasted about 30 minutes, was the only official agenda for Bolsonaro, who used the day to tour Rome.

The president left the Brazilian embassy through the back doors to avoid journalists, and wandered the streets of the historic center of the capital. With his son, Ryo’s advisor Carlos Bolsonaroand, counselors, the President walked through the Campo de’ Fiori, visited the Pantheon and went to Fontana di Trevi, where it is customary to throw a coin to secure a return to the Eternal City.

Lunch was prepared in Pamphilj Palace, the seat of the Brazilian embassy, ​​with all the refinement of the head of state, but he chose a white pizza with ham. Upon entering the Salomeria Restaurant, he was acquainted with the owner of the place, who served him several delicacies, including culatello di Zibello, meat produced from ham rolled in a pig’s bladder, and pecorino cheese with truffles.

On his return to the embassy, ​​about 10 of his supporters were waiting for him in front of the entrance door. When he saw people with Brazilian flags and one Israeli flag, he got out of the car and talked to them, but did not answer reporters’ questions. “I saw along the way that people here learn about the Brazilian flag. I am very happy. God willing, on Monday I will visit my grandparents.

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Even before his arrival in Anguillara Veneta, in the Veneto region, where his great-grandfather Vittorio Bolsonaro was born, the president had already provoked protests. Mayor, Alessandra Bosso, of the League – an extreme right-wing party – awarded the president the title of honorary citizen of the municipality, which infuriated Italian politicians, Catholics and Brazilians living in Italy.

On Friday, activists threw compost and painted graffiti at City Hall. The protest was organized by environmentalists from Rise Up 4 Climate Justice.

From Anguillara Veneta, Bolsonaro went to Padua, in the same area. Visit the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua, where the remains of the city’s patron saint have not yet been confirmed. The Archdiocese of Padua issued a memorandum expressing its dissatisfaction with the awarding of the title of Honorary Citizen of Anguillara Veneta to the Brazilian.

Climate Conference

Acting President Hamilton Muraw has attempted to justify Bolsonaro’s absence at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP-26, which will take place next week in Glasgow, Scotland. The state is represented by the Minister of the Environment. Joachim Lett.

According to the general, everyone would “throw stones” at Bolsonaro if he attended the event. Brazilian environmental policy is the target of criticism from the international community. You know that President Bolsonaro suffers from a series of criticisms. On his arrival at the Palacio de Planalto, Mourao said he would reach a place where everyone would throw stones at him. For Murao, the federal government is being criticized by environmentalists for being on the right. /EDUARDO GAYER COOPERATION