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In addition to Google and the developer, MP-SP is investigating users who left racist comments in rating “Slavery Simulator” |  Sao Paulo

In addition to Google and the developer, MP-SP is investigating users who left racist comments in rating “Slavery Simulator” | Sao Paulo

‘Slavery Simulator’ game – Image: Clone

The software simulated that blacks could be penalized throughout matches. in the game, The suggestion was that the user impersonate the slave owner, the ability to choose two ways: authoritarian or libertarian. Initially, the goal was to make a profit and prevent desertions and rebellions. In the second, they fought for freedom and achieved abolition.

Among the game dynamics options To assault and torture the “slave”..

The app is developed by Magnus Games and has more than a thousand downloads, as well as 70 reviews. In the comments, some people complained about a small potential for aggression. According to Prosecutor Maria Fernanda Pinto, who is in charge of the case, there are tools that allow users to be identified so that they can be held criminally responsible.

What catches the eye are the people who downloaded and commented [o jogo]with the highly reprehensible aspects of A.J racism Comments are very open and indefinable in terms of cuteness and horror, which Hurt any parameter of civilization. This kind of thing disguised as entertainment is even worse,” the promoter said.

In the past, the MP’s Special Group Against Racist Crimes and Intolerance (Gecradi) opened a preliminary procedure to check the conditions for app availability in the virtual store and the terms set by Google when a developer submits a request for a download. The Public Prosecution is investigating whether or not there was a human analysis in the process.

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But for promoter María Fernanda Pinto, There is no doubt that it was a mistake on Google’s part. “The platform failure was clearly caused by the application starting up,” he said. Globo News.

Among the possible crimes that will be investigated are Hate crime and racismwhich is determined, for example, when there is segregation, discrimination, and the imposition of hierarchies based on race.

The developer of the app will also be investigated. A specialized team of MP-SP is investigating whether the Malaysian company also has an office in Brazil, given that the game was in Portuguese, and who is responsible for its creation and availability in the virtual store. If it is based abroad, it will be necessary to assess the diplomatic relations between Brazil and the other country. Gecradi wants to access the email that was logged by the person in charge.

Other investigations

Educafro’s legal team defends that the damage consists of structural racismBeside Honor killing.

In the coming days, the Ministry of Racial Equality should meet with Google representatives. The volume suggested that joint action be taken with the company to create an effective filter so that hate speech, intolerance and racism would not be spread easily and without moderation in virtual spaces.

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