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In addition to Abel, Palmeiras has 4 more problems to solve until the World Cup - 12/01/2021

In addition to Abel, Palmeiras has 4 more problems to solve until the World Cup – 12/01/2021

The main issue that Palmeiras has to solve at the moment is the permanence of Abel Ferreira. Despite having a contract until next year, the coach has already made it clear that he might prefer to leave Brazil. But in addition to the Portuguese, the transition board needs to resolve at least four other outstanding issues in December so that a solution is already ready by the World Cup, in early February.

Off the field, the first decision to be made is the future of Anderson Barros. The manager has a contract until December 31 and, in theory, will not be on the team when the tournament was held in the UAE. Mauricio Galliott has a mandate until the middle of this month and should not interfere with the process.

In a first conversation with Leila Pereira, the next president, members of the Council heard a signal that she would try not to promote sudden changes that directly affect the football in this period. On the other hand, other sectors like marketing, for example, may see more exchanges initially.

In addition to Anderson, there are two other athletes whose contract is expiring. Felipe Melo is the most talked about person and the one who is most appreciated by Abel Ferreira. The coach has previously expressed the importance of the midfield to the team, but the important point is that the player intends to play two more seasons as a professional, while Alverde still does not know whether he wants to offer a new contract for that period.

For the time being at least, he won’t have the bureaucratic conditions to defend Alverde in competition and already sees his name in common with other interested teams such as Fluminense and Internacional.

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There is also the Jailson case. The goalkeeper also has no backing after December 31 and cannot be on Weaverton’s seat in Abu Dhabi. He has already expressed his intention to continue working in professional football and will also need to sit down with Leila Pereira to negotiate his future.

Finally, the negotiations that have attracted less interest from fans is the permanence of Danilo Barbosa. The steering wheel is on loan and Alviverde will need to buy it after the end of this season, a fact that shouldn’t happen.

There are still other questions regarding Abel Ferreira’s requests. The coach has already made it clear that he would like to have at least one new shirt 9 and has identified other positions to receive new names, such as creation. The trend is for FIFA to allow new athletes to compete in the world.

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