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In a world without symbols – culture – children, there was a good time for the most popular storyteller

Fairy tale. The great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) may have thought of this, while the world of fairy tales saw his soul delight. The life of a writer can be called a very short fairy tale, but it is a fact that no one can deny the things he experiences.

Anderson found a way to at least write down from himself all that he had struggled with. It is no secret that the Little Match Merchant Girl admitted her childhood love hunger (father of the shoe maker, alcohol mother who died early); The story of the ugly Duckling is an apology for “not exactly masculine beauty”; The little angel is the hope of accepting the other.

Becoming beautiful means not only pleasing others without knowing what is behind our beauty, but also creating another feeling that the world is still complete, regardless of our life full of flaws and shortcomings. Anderson also knew that while the lack of external beauty in Anderson’s actions was obvious (see, judgments and judgments of expectations about one’s self – esteem), there was a promise of happiness in accepting the external self. Internal self-image.

Because without desires, beauty is just a dream, a distorted illusion of wholeness.

The world today remembers Anderson as one of the fathers of modern storytelling who loved and accepted love. For a man who understands the relationship with reality well, because of their childhood they know nothing more about the conflict of heavenly and earthly laws; The religious and social doctrines that govern the paradigms of the soul between pens; As well as the moral and ethical norms of society, which are often accounted for only by others.

There may be some signs that the book industry is celebrating children’s literature on April 2, the birthday of a childless storyteller who is not much interested in children. In a world where one does not see the desires blessed by the gods, so one must live in any kind of forced disappearance or tension – the essence of his stories is that permanent suffering brings to the surface, but becomes eternal.

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Stories, rhymes and stories for children are now one of the most important players in the book market. The International Children’s Council (IPPOY) – Hungarian section of Hubby’s Hungarian Children’s Book Forum – was founded in Zurich in 1953 by its members:

  • Children’s books should promote mutual understanding between countries,
  • Children around the world have access to high quality books based on literature and art,
  • Promoting the publication and dissemination of quality children’s books, especially in developing countries.
  • Providing support and training for those working with children and children’s literature;
  • Promoting research and scientific work on children’s literature.

Among the Hungarian writers, Koper Nagradi (2000, Beatby – My Father Mera Publishing), Laszlo Darwazi (2002, Tropiti, MacVetta), Daniel Verre (2003, Beyond MacArthur, MacVetta), Kula Pesci 2003, Kerke and Dream Books, Hungarian Book , Christina Doth (2005, The Unspoken Woman, Mera Publishing House, or Peter Nyulas, in 2011, Helka – Brock- She Shadows the Valley of His Shadows (font publisher).

Speaking to the index, Patter Nylus now says that the award for the first volume of the Helga trilogy has brought him disgrace and that he has been noticed not only by parents and children, but also by representatives of the industry. He says the award is a tribute to his ancestors who, as a writer, have twice thought about the things he describes. However, the author – Supatta !, who writes publications such as Miyasami, Miyasmak, Berger Simat Service – also draws attention to one very important point when he says:

Although we write primarily for children, the book should primarily reach adults, not only parents, but also cultural mediators such as librarians and educators who help children obtain works.

It sheds light on the situation of Hungarian children’s literature, as it has grown exponentially over the last 15-20 years both in size and quality. According to him, books for children are now considered by profession especially literary works, compared to the pre-regime era. Tens of thousands of copies can be reached in a single publication, and the number of published titles has not only increased, but is characterized by variations in the Hungarian children’s book publication type. Publications with a high literary demand are published, and the children’s book market specializes in age and subject matter. According to him, the reason is simple:

It is worth speaking to sages in a completely different language and content than adolescents. This is because a preschooler may not yet be familiar with the delicious dishes of the Hungarian language, but his emotional world is particularly sensitive and developed. The writer for children is a writer who should know, but should feel, write a poem, a rhyme or a fairy tale, not to mention members of the alpha generation, i.e. children born after 2010 are already digitally flooded with everything. We face the challenge of competing with touchscreens. We need to find a way that is not enough to attract the attention of the audience and we have to maintain it. We must constantly adapt to the rapidly changing needs of children’s growing audiences, and not only guide the storytelling complexity, but also focus on the graphic and typography exhibition of the volumes.

Creating experiential reading is no small challenge to the children’s book market, but the situation is not hopeless. At the very least, this is clear from TÁRKI’s nationwide research on book reading and book buying habits: isolation by epidemic – apart from the fact that reading can psychologically help with the anxiety caused by obstruction by reading stories – probably even improved the average time spent reading books. Six years ago, little was known about the habit of reading books by young people and children, but by 2020 national research already shows that 19 percent of readers take youth books into their own hands and that quarter readers read children’s books.

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Research shows that where children under the age of 18 live at home, 44 percent of those who buy books online will buy a printed youth book by 2020, and 65 percent will buy a printed children’s book, story book, coloring or picture book. In audiobooks, children’s books were especially sought after by families with children: one-third (34 percent) of households buying books with children purchased a book in this format.

This is a very different world from the world Anderson dreamed of for himself. The Danish storyteller still understood to become a well-known, well-known writer, and the Danish royal family took him to him, taking Anderson from the physical and spiritual tragedies to the halls of luxurious palaces where he really wanted nothing more than to speak of his sorrows and griefs. . But most of all, it will be the subject of stories that teach the love of life, even if it is somehow painful.

(Cover image: Hans Christian Anderson. Photo: Wikipedia)