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In a new phase, Kasabian debuted at the top of the UK albums - Music

In a new phase, Kasabian debuted at the top of the UK albums – Music

English language Kasabian They have proven to have a club of the most loyal British rock musicians. The Alchemist’s Euphoria, seventh studio album, became the sixth quadruple album to appear at the top of the UK album chart. The result definitely comes as a relief for the group. This is their first work to feature vocals by Serge Pizzorno.

Until the previous work, Serge was the guitarist and composer of songs for the band. He took over after singer Tom Megan left the band after pleading guilty to a charge of assaulting his fiancée.

Returning to the rankings, he got four more news, including “unwanted” pale waves in fourth place. “Voices from the Sun” binariesHe was at 26. “Cheat codes”, praised the partnership Danger mouse And the black thoughtat 28 and “Day Glow (Based on a True Story”, from erasein the twenty-ninth.

The top ten looked like this:

1 – “ecstasy alchemist“- Kasabian (for the first time)
two – “Harry’s house“- Harry Stiles (same center)
3 – “Renaissance – Act 1“- Beyonce (two jobs dropped)
4 – “unwanted“- pale waves (for the first time)
5 – “=“- Ed Sheeran (position fell)
6 – “Highlight“- weekend (same center)
7 – “Elvis: 30 #1 hits“- Elvis Presley (five positions ascended)
8 – “short call 2“- Eminem (five positions fell)
9 – “He went“- daddy (climbed center)
10 – “Only honest on the weekend“- Becky Hill (three jobs fell)

Singles Ranking

Singles Parade dominated again for the seventh week in a row!afraid of feeling“, From LF . system Two songs debuted in the top ten:Ferrari (feat.“, in James HypeAnd the “Stay With Me (with. Farrell, Justin Timberlake & Halsey)From DJ Superstar Calvin Harrisranked ninth and tenth, respectively

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The top 40 only had one appearance: “Super Freaky Girl“, in Nick Minajat number fifteen, and two songs, enter this area of ​​the ranking: “Everything For You (with Ella Henderson)“, in Sian Ducruetwas from 54 degrees to the 29th and “Sunroof (with Dazy)“, in Nikki Yur From 41 degrees to 33 degrees.
The top ten are this:

1 – “afraid of feeling“- LF . system (same center)
two – “worst of them all)“- Eliza Rose (eight positions went up)
3 – “break my soul“- Beyonce (position fell)
4 – “green green grass“- George Ezra (position fell)
5 – “Crazy What You Could Love (with Becky Hill and Ella Henderson)“- David Guetta (going up two positions)
6 – “I’m not worried“- one republic (ascended three positions)
7 – “Doja“- Central C (two jobs dropped)
8 – “Not Over Yet (The Feat Tom Grenan)“- KSI (Four positions fell)
9 – “Ferrari (feat.– Ferrari (up eight places)
10 – “Stay With Me (with. Farrell, Justin Timberlake & Halsey)“- Calvin Harris (ascended three positions)

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