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In 2021, the Department of Citizenship blocked emergency aid for 1.7 million people

In 2021, the Department of Citizenship blocked emergency aid for 1.7 million people

Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agencia Brasil

Throughout 2021, it was The Ministry of Citizenship is blocked precautionary first aid from 1.7 million people across the country. According to the folder, the suspension of payment came after a Federal Comptroller General (CGU) recommendation.

Data passed to Senator Alessandro Vieira (Citizenship-SE) In the request for information submitted to the federal governmentAfter the congressman received accusations that families can’t access the benefits, though her right.

Only in Sao Paulo, 349 thousand families Access to emergency assistance is blocked; In Minas Gerais, default Reached 171,000 families And in Rio de Janeiro, 144 thousand.

Of the 1.7 million of those frozen benefits, 158,000 were related to single-parent families. Also, according to the ministry, of the 1.7 million benefits that were preemptively blocked, 269 thousand have already been restored.

“The blocks are carried out based on audit reports sent by the Comptroller General of the Federation, in which evidence of non-compliance with the eligibility rules for emergency assistance has been included”, reported in a technical note the Ministry of Citizenship.

Reports are submitted to the Committee on Emergency Assistance (COGAE), which deliberates on the precautionary blockade and asks Dataprev to evaluate the results to confirm the appointment or not. Based on the evaluation made by Dataprev, COGAE decides to finalize or cancel the feature.”

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