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"I'm not afraid of the classic jerk"

“I’m not afraid of the classic jerk”

One of the interviewees from Danilo Gentile No nightcouples detective Eduarda Lima | He said he was “exchanging messages” with the SBT provider and that he still didn’t know how their relationship would unfold.

“We exchange messages directly (laughs). This weekend I will be in São Paulo for work and maybe meet up. Am I interested? Listen… I’m single, and so is he… He is a smart, kind person and treats me well. He treats me in a great way. Let’s We see what happens,” she said, in the column of Fabia Oliveira of the newspaper O Dia.

In the post, Eduarda explained that she investigated Danilo’s past life and that the presenter is a “classic rascal” type.

“When I was invited to participate in the show, the production allowed me to investigate Danilo’s life and I ended up drawing the profile. He’s that classic asshole (laughs), you know? Flirty and not so much for dating. He loves fearless, free-spirited women, And open minded. He agreed to everything. I confessed that I was not afraid of that kind of man, no.

In an interview with Danilo in early June, Eduarda said she mainly investigates cases of infidelity and that her clients are mostly female, and they don’t do any work that could harm another woman.

With about 50 cases currently active and working in Brazil and the US, Eduarda said she started working after her ex-partner cheated on her, a fact that she investigated on her own.