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Ilott sees 'biggest opportunity' in the US and says IndyCar is attracting more and more young drivers

Ilott sees ‘biggest opportunity’ in the US and says IndyCar is attracting more and more young drivers

Callum Ilott is packed for indie

Photo: Alfa Romeo / Grand Prix

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After unsuccessful attempts to reach Formula 1, Colm Ilot landed in the 2022 Indie season as a full-time champion with the Jungos, defending himself in three races in 2021. In an exclusive interview Great gift, Ilot noted the increasing influx of pilots with European jobs in the US division.

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Romain Crosgene and Marcus Erickson have been running on the back of Formula 1 for many years.

Lloyd pointed to the fact that not only Premier Class but also Road to India offers something that is not on the other side of the Atlantic: scholarships to help the most successful drivers take the next step.

Callum Ilott will compete for Juncos in Indy 2022 (Photo: IndyCar)

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“As I’m learned over the last year and a half, it’s very difficult to get into F1. It’s a hurricane. But Indy has a great opportunity. I’m talking to other young drivers. G.P..

“I think IndyCar offers great opportunities, but with Road to Indie, scholarships and all that, it offers a great opportunity that you do not have in Europe. For some, there is a chance that you will get your business if you succeed.” , Continued.

“Reward is important and can move you forward. I understand how things are in this world and how they like it, and this is something that attracts me to IndyCar,” he concluded.

The IndyCar season kicks off on February 27 with St Petersburg GP.

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