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iFood will be the first company to deliver drones in Brazil after obtaining permission from Anac |  technology

iFood will be the first company to deliver drones in Brazil after obtaining permission from Anac | technology

Commercial deliveries can be made via drones in BrazilIncluding food, the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) authorized this Friday (21). With this, iFood, in partnership with Speedbird Aero, It will be the first company in the Americas authorized to implement this model throughout the Brazilian territory.

a A statement, the first of its kind in the country, limited to the DLV-1 NEO, on BVLOS roads, that is, outside the pilot’s line of sight. The drone should only travel distances of up to 3 km, with payloads of up to 2.5 kg, which can be food.

Speedbird Aero, the company that will be able to operate the drones, must respect other safety restrictions, such as not flying over people, staying away from potential sources of electromagnetic interference, and observing maximum and minimum operating altitudes and weather conditions.

“It is a unique achievement for Brazil. This is a historic achievement in aviation, but also in the development of society. “It’s the start of a change that will speed up deliveries using part-route air transport,” says Fernando Martins, Head of Logistics and Innovation at iFood.

The company made it clear Drones are only part of the flight. They take orders to Dropport (a designated, safe area for drones to land and take off), where they are collected by an iFood delivery partner who completes the delivery by transporting them to the customer’s door.

in December, The organization started the first pilot delivery route using the modelCourtesy of Anac. The operation has intercity delivery, with flights between Aracaju e Barra dos Coqueros (I know).

The company assures that all drone operations are performed by Speedbird, by qualified professionals who are equipped to fit the drones, in a safe manner.

On a note, Anac stated that the project’s licensing process has been developed in 8 months, along with Speedbird Aero and AL Drones. The work was also carried out by the Anac Authorities for Airworthiness (Sar) and Operational Standards (Spo).

Experiments were conducted to test the use of the drone: three inches Sao Jose dos Campos (SP) to evaluate the technical characteristics of the aircraft and test the Aracaju (SE), for operational evaluation.

I remember the first test of the drone for delivery:

Video: Anac tests food delivery using drones