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iFood releases retrospectively;  Know how to use it

iFood releases retrospectively; Know how to use it

It’s retrograde time. On Friday (16th), iFood released the fourth edition of its “My Foods” feature. With them, consumers get information about everything they have requested via the app in a series of stories.

You can view data such as: how many times you’ve ordered something, favorite categories, most ordered foods and favorite restaurants.

“My Foods (…) aims to offer a new perspective to remind you of the delicious side of 2022 along with iFood,” says Ana Gabriela Lopez, Marketing Director of iFood, in a statement.

how to use

To watch 2022 My Foods, a person must have the iFood app (available in iOS and Android versions) installed on their device.

Then go to Application And click on the “My Foods 2022” banner located between the categories and the latest stores.

My Foods 2022 displays the main orders you have placed on iFood

Image: Disclosure

A window will open and you will be able to find different information such as:

  • Save time in the kitchen
  • The number of orders
  • Elements
  • The number of coupons used
  • How much you saved using discounts
  • Favorite establishments, among others.

You can skip forward and go back to the previous story by tapping on the left and right corners of the screen.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to share the retrospective directly from the app. If you wish to post information in a social networksyou will need print🇧🇷

10 favorite Brazilian foods

iFood has also prepared its retrospective and listed the 10 favorite foods of Brazilians, among the more than 65 million orders placed per month on the platform.

From January to December, 36% of orders were for snacks, with Brazilian food coming in second with 17% and pizza in third with 14%.

It is still loved by customers Burger🇧🇷 From January to December 2022, there were more than 115 million orders across the country, which gives about 141 hamburgers sold per hour.

See below the complete ranking of the most requested foods on iFood:

  1. Hamburger: +115 million
  2. Soft drinks: +67 million
  3. Rap: +56 million
  4. Meat dishes: + 51 million
  5. Chicken dishes: +45 million
  6. Lunch boxes: +39 million
  7. Aki: + 34 million
  8. Pizza: +31 million
  9. Pasta: +30.6 million
  10. Sweets: +30 million
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