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iFood charges for orders, no food served and customers complain on the web

iFood charges for orders, no food served and customers complain on the web

users iFood Who made requests for a snack at home on Saturday (10/30) encountered a series of problems. Twitter reports and readers who have contacted capital Cities Report that the app charges for food, but does not confirm the purchase. Restaurants receive orders but do not receive payment confirmation.

A customer contacted with the report stated that he ordered a pizza through iFood. The fee was paid to the card, but there was no confirmation in the application. When calling the Frateello Uno pizzeria, in Asa Sul, Brasilia, the user of the application was informed that there was no order in the system. The result: she had to pay twice to receive the order at home.

“I chose to rent the pizzeria service and pay to have it. However, the iFood debt was also fulfilled. I paid twice,” said the girl, who asked not to be named.

a report capital Cities Call the pizzeria to inquire about the problem. One participant told me that today was a “mess”, as they were unable to fix the issue with iFood. The phone did not stop ringing with complaints, and many requests were repeated, without confirmation of payment by the platform.

all over the country

On Twitter, a series of posts about iFood problems have invaded the network. Complaints ranged from system delays to payment for service not provided. There was also dissatisfaction with the fact that customers were not able to cancel their orders in order to order the snack from another platform.

Watch some tweets:


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iFood’s press office has been contacted to see if the issue can be resolved and customers refunded. However, until the latest update of this report, representatives of the application did not respond. The space is still open.