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If Brazil were the United Kingdom, Pedro Maluco would topple Bolsonaro - 07/08/2022 - Alvaro Costa e Silva

If Brazil were the United Kingdom, Pedro Maluco would topple Bolsonaro – 07/08/2022 – Alvaro Costa e Silva

It is not just moral and sexual harassment. Pedro Guimarães -surprise!-breastfed. Caixa Econômica Federal paid for the work on his house in Brasilia. A private company in contract with the Public Bank installed lampposts at a cost of R$50,000 in plantations along the banks of Paranova Lake.

Audio of a meeting held at the end of 2021 shows the former strongman of Caixa Fulo da Vida protesting the state’s decision to change laws that could see him lose more than BRL 100,000 a month. With the sum of the bonus for being part of 21 boards and the president’s salary, his income was R$ 230,000 per month. “How am I going to get the money back?” He asked himself angrily.

If Brazil were a United Kingdom, Pedro Maluco would have overthrown the government. He continues to pretend to be a good man, as if he is not. It is a Bolsonarian mask, used in times of economic advantage and in times of public humiliation. In his defense, Guimarães published an article in Folha in which he said “the deepest abuse a person can be subjected to”. “Dewassa” is, to say the least, a poor choice of word.

Investigators discovered that the President’s Ethics Commission had received a complaint against the banker in March 2020 following the scandal that led to his dismissal. At the time, Guimaraes was a friend of the captain, and the dirt was beaten. of the rug. He party across the country and campaigned for himself – he wanted to be Bolsonaro’s deputy – and for the regime. During the president’s career, it served as a springboard for sexist jokes, lies and attacks on institutions.

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There is outrage, but there can be no surprise at the criminal model established at Caixa. Under Bolsonaro, Mamata, torture and harassment became tools of government.

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