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"I want to be the program manager now"

“I want to be the program manager now”


Employee letters led to talk on social networks

Photo: Gshow - Danny Calabresa at BBB22 CAT.
Photo: Gshow – Danny Calabresa at BBB22 CAT.

During the night of Tuesday (12), Natália Deodato was eliminated from BBB 22. However, this was not the only situation that caught the attention of viewers, since other topics of the program were commented more on social networks.

Last Tuesday (12), as usual, the CAT (Central Spectator Service) was held at the BBB, but there were some speeches by Danny Calabresa, the comedian who presented the panel, that caught the eye. When a viewer texted him that he liked Tado Schmidt, Danny replied: “I love him too, let me pass your message on to him.. Thaddeus…”It began, when I was interrupted with a VT letter from Arthur after returning from the false wall.

After a video of Arthur Aguiar praising the presenter’s speech surfaced, the camera returned to the comedian who used the situation to “play” with Carioca and his wife, Myra Cardi. Look, now he wants to compliment us in front of us. He’s in control of the program.. do you want to be the program director now? Want to sit in the booth and answer the phone? I wouldn’t give you that idea, maybe his wife: “Oh, sure.. CAT light BBB null of glutenThe comedian said.

On Twitter, the joke divided opinions among netizens. Many netizens congratulated Danny Calabresa for the “cool” and “funny” work, while others criticized the comedian for finding the comment “unnecessary.”

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